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Holistic Pet Nutrition Consultations

Pet Nutritionist Susan Blake Davis and Legend

Pet Nutritionist Susan Blake Davis, CCN has provided thousands of pet owners with valuable advice about how to help their pets with diet and nutrition for over 10 years. On staff with VCA hospitals and previously at the Veterinary Cancer Group, she has extensive experience helping pets with a wide range of health conditions. Her specialty areas are kidney disease, autoimmune conditions, IBD and cancer---areas where conventional treatments are often quite limited. Susan works in conjunction with Dr. David Gordon, holistic veterinarian.

Susan is passionate about pet nutrition and wants every pet to have improved results. After seeing how much better pets felt using her complete diet and supplement program, she made the decision to try to help more pets, forego the consultation fee and offer a FREE diet suggestion to every client who orders from AskAriel. Please include your pet's diet and information on the order form at checkout and you will receive a diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your order. Be sure to read the many articles on our website about pet nutrition too!

If you would like a 2nd opinion about your pet from a holistic perspective or need veterinary advice, Dr. David Gordon, holistic veterinarian has gratefully agreed to offer a limited number of telephone appointments. Click here to learn more.

Office Appointments

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Susan Blake Davis, Pet Nutritionist, on staff at VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital and VCA Mission Viejo in Orange County, offers holistic veterinary services, providing advice about pet nutrition and supplements. If you reside in Southern California and would like to schedule an inperson appointment, please call the VCA hospital of your choice directly or email us at

With her wealth of knowledge and compassion for animals, Pet Nutritionist Susan Blake Davis, (CCN) will help you discover new insights into holistic pet care. Susan can provide you with a unique and new perspective that will complement the veterinary care you are receiving from your veterinarian. Susan will address your pet's entire overall health condition and offer holistic alternatives that have successfully helped other animals. As a pet nutritionist, she will provide you with a comprehensive holistic plan with detailed information about how nutrition, diet, supplements and other holistic services can assist in the healing of an animal's health condition. Many clients who schedule holistic consultations already have their pet on a prescription pet food and since Susan is a pet nutritionist, she can help you develop a natural, balanced alternative. Susan will teach you how to prepare a homemade diet or use commercially prepared foods in combination with some homemade options specifically tailored to your pet's health condition and food preferences.

Susan works closely with Dr. David Gordon, holistic veterinarian at VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital in Lake Forest.