Natural Antibiotics for Cats and Dogs | Treating Chronic Infections

Natural Antibiotics for Cats and Dogs | Treating Chronic Infections

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Are You Overdosing Your Pet With Antibiotics?

By Susan Blake Davis, Pet Nutritionist,

First, let's start by saying that antibiotics are a lifesaver, a necessary medication that is needed to save the lives of people and pets with infections. Antibiotics are a pet's first line of defense when an infection is present. However, many times, rather than being a one-time cure, they become a way of life. True, sometimes a second dose or different antibiotic is needed to knock out a bad infection. But, more commonly what happens is that a pet or person gets the same recurring, chronic infection and rather than determining the root cause of the chronic infection and subsequent immune weakness, the pet is treated repeatedly with antibiotics.

What is the problem with that? Antibiotics have many side effects and using them long-term can not only bring about those side effects but can lower the pet's ability to fight infection overall. Moreover, it can make a pet or person highly susceptible to superbugs, antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA and CDIF which can have fatal consequences.

What's a pet owner to do? What are the reasons why pet owners get into this vicious cycle of overdosing their pets? Are there safer alternatives?

Antibiotic Overuse--Vicious Cycle

One reason for the over use of antibiotics is because they are a "quick fix" (albeit short-term) and generally inexpensive. Holistic pet care can take a lot more time, effort and work. For example, if your cat is getting urinary tract infections and you are busy at work, giving your cat the antibiotics, your cat gets better and you are on your way..... The problem though is the infection typically comes right back. Why? Because urinary tract infections (UTIs), like many infections, return because of the pet's diet and also because the antibiotics kill off the good bacteria that helps your pet fight off the infection in the first place. Your pet's immune system is now weakened and repeating the vicious cycle of giving antibiotics over and over is not going to help the long-term health of your pet. While using a reasonable amount of antibiotics to get the UTI under control may be necessary, pet owners need to do the due diligence about their pet's overall health and determine why the problem is occurring in the first place.

Diet is an incredibly important, but frequently overlooked contributor to pet's having chronic infections. Even pets with autoimmune diseases such as stomatitis are viewed as "hard to treat" cases requiring large doses of steroids, when in fact, they too are linked to food allergies. So, Step 1 is to take a look at your pet's diet. Grains, dry food (especially for cats), poultry such as chicken, dairy and many other foods can contribute to food allergies and yeast, thereby weakening your pet's overall immune response. If you are feeding your pet these foods, please watch our BRIEF food allergy webinar.

Supplements To Boost Your Cat or Dog's Immune System

Using a few key supplements to boost your pet's overall immune function will reduce the likelihood of the chronic infection from coming back. Natural supplements that boost your pet's immune function are recommended below. Keep your pet on the Power Probiotic long-term for overall good immune and digestive health. Use the Notatum, Quentans and Argentyn as needed. Depending upon the nature and degree of your pet's chronic infection, all of the formulas can be used at the same time for maximum support. They work differently so you can try one or use a few as they work synergistically and can have a more powerful impact when combined.

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This basic formula should be used by all pets, young and old, big and small. Power Probiotic is a veterinary-approved, well manufactured mult-strain probiotic that has guaranteed potency upon ingestion. Most probiotics are guaranteed potency only at the time of manufacture and can't survive past the pet's stomach acid (thus if you have tried other brands without success, that could be why). Any pet that has been on antibiotics should replenish the good bacteria by using Power Probiotic since antibiotics kill off not only the bad bacteria, but the good "friendly" bacteria as well. This is why pets and people using antibiotics commonly develop a yeast infection.

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Argentyn is an easy to use natural infection fighter for cats and dogs. Argentyn is virtually tasteless and can be combined well with the other formulas if needed for extra support. Argentyn is a highly purified form of colloidal silver which really works to fight bacterial infections topically and internally.
Simply the best! These two formulas are easy to use and work as natural immune boosters. You can use them together or separately depending upon your pet's unique situation. Notatum is great for fighting bacterial infections and reducing inflammation (e.g. redness). Quentans is a powerful anti-viral formula that is important for any cat or dog that is getting recurring infections.

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