How To Stop Your Dog's Seizures

Legend's Triumphant Recovery After 6 Months Of Cluster Seizures

Witnessing your dog having a seizure is one of the most horrific sites a pet owner can observe, short of watching their beloved pet pass on. Seizures evoke a deep emotion for all of those who see them, even the most experienced veterinarian. Why? Because they are unpredictable, primitive in nature and so so scary. What takes a minute or two seems like a year. Every second you watch and wait hoping the nightmare will be over. Seizures leave pet owners feeling hopeless and helpless but there is a lot more pet owners can do that you might not realize. This article is written from the depths of my heart as our family has gone through the heartache of watching our rescued husky Legend go through them but as we write, our journey has been triumphant. Our goal in sharing our story is that you can identify some triggers with your dog and help improve your pet's quality of life.

The title of this article and the very concept of "stopping" a dog's seizures was intended to first broach an important point. When a pet owner witnesses a seizure, the first thing that comes to mind is "Make this stop" "How can I stop this seizure now and never have it come back again?". What's important to reckon with, is that unless your pet is one of the rare few, most pets will have another one. There is no medication, holistic supplement, diet or treatment that is going to miraculously take away your dog's condition. Seizures are a condition. For many dogs, early onset is