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Cancer Support
OncoPet Cancer Supplement

If your pet has cancer, there is hope and there is help! Ask Ariel Pet Nutritionist Susan Davis offered holistic consultations at a veterinary oncology clinic and at VCA Hospitals for 10 years. Our premium, human-grade cancer support supplements for pets are all veterinary-approved and have been used successfully since 2005.

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natural supplements for cancer treatment.

The most commonly ordered products for pets with cancer:

Paws Extract
Immune Harmony
Resveratrol for Dogs

These supplements provide exceptional support for pets with cancer. Ask Ariel used to offer a product called OncoPet (aka Onco-X) but the product was discontinued as the product formula was changed. It was hard to administer to cats and some dogs due to the unpalatable taste. We have had much better success with the above supplements especially Paws Extract because it only requires a few drops to administer.

If you need help, please don't hesitate to email us. We understand how hard it is to have a pet with cancer and have been there ourselves. Ask Ariel's supplements are recommended by veterinarians nationwide. Please email us at
support@AskAriel.com and you will receive a prompt, compassionate response.


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