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Stomatitis can be a very painful condition and like other autoimmune diseases, early intervention using a holistic approach can make a tremendous difference. Stomatitis (Lymphocytic Plasmacytic Stomatitis) is an autoimmune inflammatory condition that results in a hypersensitivity to bacterial plaque in a cat's mouth. Holistic supplements are essential but it is important to use products that don't further overstimulate the immune system. The goal of the supplements is to reduce inflammation as well as to quiet the GI activity (the majority of a cat's immune system resides in her intestinal tract). The mouth is the beginning of the digestive process.

Immune Harmony modulates the Immune System--very well tolerated by cats, #1 choice for autoimmune

Power Probiotic gently supports digestive health and repopulates good bacteria which supports immune health without overstimulation

Colostrum For Pets provides essential immune support in the mouth and GI tract without overstimulation, many cats like the taste

An underlying virus can set off an autoimmune attack. If your cat has a virus such as herpes or AIDs, it's critical to use Quentans and Notatum drops to control the virus. Viruses, along with certain food allergens, environmental toxins and other stressors can act as a triggers which set off the stomatitis. Click here to learn more about autoimmune disease triggers.

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