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Small Melanoma Growth in the Corner of the Eye

Natural Supplements for Cat & Dog Treatment

The supplements below can help a pet fight cancer and can help healthy pets prevent it. Supplements for cat & dog cancer treatment can make a tremendous difference in the quality and longevity of your pet's life. Amazing Omegas are essential for all pets, but especially proven in clinical research to be essential as part of cat and dog cancer treatment. Onco-X is a multi-vitamin containing cancer-fighting nutrients for pet cancer prevention and for dogs and cats diagnosed with cancer. Immune Harmony contains plant sterols and powerful antioxidants and is easy to administer to cats. Pets with cancer need a special diet. Click here to learn more about how to help your dog or cat with cancer using holistic care. Need help deciding which natural supplements would be best for your cat or dog? Please email us at askariel1@gmail.com and we will be glad to help.

Signs of Cancer--Do you Know the Warning Symptoms?

Common Signs of Cancer In Pets
• Difficulty eating or swallowing
• Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow
• Sores that do not heal
• Weight loss and/or loss of appetite
• Pet just not acting like himself, behavior changes
• Bleeding or discharge from any body opening
• Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating
• Persistent lameness or stiffness
• Hesitance to exercise or loss of stamina

Many of the above signs are also seen in pets with noncancerous conditions. Regardless, these are signs your pet has some type of health condition and a visit to your veterinarian is warranted. Any new lump or growth on your pet should always be checked by the veterinarian. 60% of skin growths found on cats are cancerous. The above picture of melanoma was caught within a few weeks of its appearance but had already transitioned to "malignant" in that short period of time.

Initially the veterinarian will recommend some initial laboratory tests such as bloodwork, urine analysis and XRAYS. Most of the time, this will provide some preliminary insight to the veterinarian, but a biopsy is generally required in order to definitively diagnoses the presence of cancer and the type of cancer. Once diagnosed, it is recommended that you see a veterinary oncologist so that you understand your treatment options, even if you do not wish to pursue chemotherapy or radiation.

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