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No- Pill Kidney Kit Discontinued
No- Pill Kidney Kit Discontinued

Kidney Disease Treatment For Cats and Dogs
Ingredients Proven to Work (See Testimonials)


*Powerful nutrients to support and detox your cat or dog's kidney function
*Reduces toxins associated with poor protein metabolism
*Reduces symptoms of kidney disease in cats and dogs
*Essential for feline hyperthyroidism which damages the kidneys
*Manages progression of kidney disease and symptoms
*Easy To Use, Veterinary-Approved Supplements to help your pet feel better

Click here to learn more about symptoms and diet for kidney disease.

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Sale Price: $84.50

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What to Know About Kidney Disease in Cats

When your cat’s kidneys cannot properly remove waste from the blood, this is known as kidney failure or renal insufficiency. It can occur suddenly or gradually over a long period of time, but regardless, the result is a buildup of toxic wastes. In most elderly cats there will be a decrease in the kidney’s ability to function properly. Kidney disease is very common in senior cats. Renal insufficiency is also often seen with feline hyperthyroidism. Using kidney support is critical when a cat has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism as this condition can damage the remaining kidney function.

There are many causes for kidney failure but age is often a significant factor. When cats and dogs have kidney disease, it can be especially difficult to give pills if their appetite has been affected. Thus, we created our No-Pill Kidney Kit that features 3 of our top-selling products including Kidney Terrain, Kidney Health and OxiCell SE which are easy to administer to cats and small dogs. The package includes the three products together at a discounted price. Please click on the individual product links to learn more about each of the three products included in the No-Pill Kidney Kit.

Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Cats

Unfortunately symptoms of kidney failure in cats do not appear until significant damage has already been done to the kidney nephrons. The signs of kidney failure in cats include:

  • Increase in urination
  • Increase in water intake
  • Bladder infections
  • Kidney infections
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Dry coat
  • Ulcers on the tongue and gums
  • Breath that has an ammonia-like odor
  • Vomiting
  • Acid stomach
  • Dehydration

CRF in Cats

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is a progressive disease that is one of the leading causes of death for felines. However, with proper treatment, CRF in cats can be managed for quite some time. Early detection is key in increasing your cat’s life and their comfort level.

If your cat has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, this condition can mask the underlying kidney disease. It's essential to support cats with hyperthyroidism to manage the damage to the kidneys.

Cat Kidney Failure Treatment

The best treatment is preventative care and annual visits to the vet. A veterinarian can run blood and urine tests to determine how the kidneys are functioning. This is especially important in older cats that are more susceptible to kidney failure.

If your cat is experiencing kidney failure or kidney disease, aid with drainage and detox is paramount. This can be done through proper diet and adding daily supplements to their regimen. Food that is rich in Omega-3 and has reduced phosphorus is the most kidney friendly. Supplements can strengthen the remaining nephrons, aid in breaking down proteins and help with detoxification.

Products like out No-Pill Kidney Kit offer natural remedies that help support your pet’s kidneys and improve their health. The kit includes three products that work together to provide optimal functioning in healthy cats as well as those that are suffering from kidney failure.

Three state-of-the-art products proven to help with kidney disease ---all easy to administer. Ideal for cats and small pets with kidney disease and ALL SENIOR PETS!

pills required! Each Kidney Support Package includes:

1 2 oz bottle of Kidney Terrain
1 bottle of Kidney Health Protein Support For Pets (60 capsules--powder is sprinkled on food)
1 pump container of Oxicell SE

Each product may be purchased separately but for best results and greater savings, we recommend purchasing the entire package.

Click here to learn more about Kidney Disease (CRF) in cats and dogs.

Kidney Terrain is a powerful, state-of-the-art homeopathic formula that provides herbs, nutrients, essential ionized co-enzymes and co-factors for supporting the kidney terrain. It provides supportive enzymatic activity, drainage and detox processes, cellular micro-nutrition and meridian balancing. Nettle leaf, dandelion leaf and parsley leaf provide further support for this powerful formula. This product has been helpful for pets with kidney failure.

Kidney Terrain works especially well when used in conjunction with Oxicell (contains CoQ10) vital for kidneys and Kidney Health Protein Support for Pets (enzyme that helps break down protein).

Oxicell is a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants delivered in a transdermal cream. If you are not able to give your pet CoQ10 capsules, this topical antioxidant cream contains CoQ10 along with many other vitamins and minerals helpful for kidney disease. Owners report that their pets have increased energy and are more playful!

Kidney Health Protein Support For Pets is an extremely important enzyme formula that helps break down the protein in food and also helps your pet's body eliminate toxins associated with poor protein metabolism. The capsules contain powder that can be easily mixed into food. There is minimal if any taste so the powder is well tolerated by even the most finicky pets.

These three formulas work synergistically together to provide vital support against kidney disease, reduce symptoms of kidney disease and improve the quality of life of your pet. The products in this Kidney Support Kit are selected because they are especially easy to administer to small pets. Please note that we offer other kidney disease support products in pill form that can be used in conjunction or in place of these products.

Kidney Terrain
Provides the Following Benefits:
  • Easy to administer, especially to small pets
  • Contains vital nutrients and herbs to support kidney function
  • Helps pets feel better
  • May improve kidney values and/or slow the progression of kidney disease

View Kidney Terrain Ingredients

Kidney Health
Provides the Following Benefits:
  • Support of adequate blood rheology for optimum flow of immune cells
  • Enhance and optimize overall protein hydrolysis
  • Support a wide array of metabolic processes.
  • Digestive aid
  • Anti-inflammatory and burn debridement agent
  • Prevent swelling/edema
  • Promote smooth muscle relaxation
  • Inhibit platelet aggregation
  • Enhance antibiotic absorption.

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OxiCell SE

Provides the Following Benefits:
  • Powerhouse of essential antioxidants
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps reduce elevated liver enzymes
  • Energizing, especially for senior pets and people
  • Easy to use--No-Pills!

View OxiCell SE Ingredients

Senior pets (cats and dogs) lose kidney function as they age. This kit contains vital nutrients and antioxidants to help protect kidney function.