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Happy Paws Drops

Happy Paws Drops


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Our Price: $67.50
Sale Price: $57.50
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Happy Paws Drops
Organic Hemp Extract For Pets - Full Spectrum

1 Fluid Ounce (30 ml)
Excellent Value-- 1 month (dogs over 50 lbs) - 6 months supply (small pets)

Formulated for pets over 5 pounds.

Professional Veterinary Strength - For dogs and cats. After much research and experience, Ask Ariel found this organic hemp extract for pets to provide superior results. Exceptional manufacturer, rigorously tested and excellent results reported by our clients. It is an easy to use natural supplement that is helpful for dogs and cats with anxiety, cancer, pain, mobility issues, seizures and stress. Just a few drops of this anti-inflammatory oil reduces pain and inflammation. Excellent value--compare mg per bottle to other pet brands.

Made With Organic Ingredients In Colorado

1 Bottle Contains:

1 fluid ounce (30 ml)
Ingredients: Hemp Extract (18.3 mg per ml), Coconut Oil
550 mg Hemp Extract Per Bottle

Made In The USA with Non-GMO Ingredients. Laboratory tested. Vegan. Gluten-free.

If your pet is taking pain medications, has elevated liver enzymes or if you have questions about combining Happy Paws with your pet's medication, please consult your veterinarian before ordering.

We have extensive experience using this product with both cats and dogs. For more details about the product and information on how this product might be helpful for your pet, please don't hesitate to email us at support@askariel.com

"My 13 year old cat, Buny, had been in declining health for the last two years. He was biting us, aggressively attacking the other cats, compulsively licking himself, peeing outside of the litter box, barely eating, and sleeping all day and night in the same spot. I had to carry him downstairs for breakfast and dinner, and I was always trying to find something new that he would take a few bites of because he had gotten so, so skinny. He was also trembling/shaking all the time. We were heartbroken.

We took him for three expensive visits to our vet who did a full workup but couldn’t find anything wrong with him. Our vet kept recommending Prozac, and against my better judgment, I finally agreed to it out of desperation. The Prozac made everything worse. We were certain Buny’s life was coming to an end. So I made an appointment with a pet psychic, thinking it was a long shot but I didn’t know what else to do. She told me Buny has acid reflux, so I weaned him off of the Prozac and ordered Gastro ULC and Happy Paws.

After only a week of being on Gastro ULC and Happy Paws we had our Buny back! He is like a kitten again and back to being the biggest personality in our home. He’s SO playful and loving and happy, he’s always hungry and he’s gaining weight. He’s awake and active just as much as our other cats, he’s not licking himself obsessively or peeing on the floor! His trembling is gone and he’s even doing his “tricks” again. He gives us licks every chance he gets and is always purring and talking, just the way he always did. Every day our family talks about how miraculous this has been. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your natural products THAT ACTUALLY WORK. Our family is beyond grateful, and so is Buny!" - The Davis Family, Pennsylvania

"Our rescued husky has had epilepsy since he was a young pup. We were able to keep them to a minimum for over 7 years with diet and supplements. When he was 9 years old he developed cluster seizures which were followed by days of agitation and mania. He had also become very stiff and painful due to his hip dysplasia. Legend had been taking occasional anti-inflammatory medication which seemed to be making him more toxic and aggravating his epilepsy. We wanted to give him something natural that could help his seizures as well as his mobility issues. We started him on the organic hemp extract and found it to be so much more effective than other brands we had purchased. Even though Legend is a big dog, we only needed a few drops to see results. There was just no comparison with other products we tried. With his neurologist's approval, we give him the organic hemp extract along with his anti-seizure medication (at different times) and he hasn't had a seizure in over 2 years. We no longer need to use the anti-inflammatory medication either. At 12 years old, Legend is happy, goes for walks twice a day and still enjoys chasing squirrels." - The Davis Family, Orange County, CA

"Ask Ariel has been an absolute life saver for my sweet cat, Puma. I'm so blessed to have found this awesome company during a desperate search for quality holistic supplements for pets. For the last two years, Puma has been plagued with various health issues (immune system disease, bladder issues, asthma and a malignant mast cell tumor in her small intestine that has metastasized into her lymph nodes. I purchased your products and use them on an alternating basis: Organic Hemp Extract, Immune Harmony, Immune Support Kit, Purrfect Pet C0Q10, Power Probiotic and AllerEaze. The supplements have significantly alleviated Puma's illnesses. I LOVE your products and their effectiveness and recommend to everyone with ailing pets. Lastly but certainly not least, your customer service is extremely helpful, caring, personable and top notch." - Carol D., Ohio

"Hamlet is 3 months old! We love everything Ask Ariel stands for! And are especially thankful for the Happy Paws Drops which has made my introduction to my new older 11 year old brother kitty, Frankie, possible!" - Kayla, Georgia