Ariel's Amazing Life

Ariel's Amazing Life
Ariel Davis 1991- 2005 Forever Young

Ariel’s amazing life is the inspiration behind Ask Ariel. Why? Because Ariel led a life of good health that all of us---both human and animal would be grateful to attain. In fact, until a week before her death at 14 years of age (old for a 54 pound dog), Ariel was still running through the meadows, playing with her ball and enjoying a zest for life that few have ever seen. Ariel NEVER appeared to be an “old dog”.

What was Ariel’s secret to good health?

  • 1) For most of her life, Ariel ate a homemade diet consisting of raw meat (some cooked), cooked salmon, flax seed oil, raw and cooked vegetables.

  • 2) Ariel had ailments just the like the rest of us. She suffered from seasonal allergies, arthritis and occasional urinary tract infections. However, we used supplements to address these issues and only used prescription drugs as a last resort.

  • 3) Ariel got plenty of exercise every day of her life. We took Ariel on walks, runs and adventures every single day of her life. The exercise was good for the whole family!

  • 4) Ariel was a social creature with a joie de vive (passion for life). As a result, we provided her with a great deal of companionship and a job to do (as mascot for Ariel Rescue she greeted customers each week). Finding out what makes your pet happy and helping them fulfill that need is a key to their good health.

Keep your pet “forever young” like Ariel. On our Pet Health Articles pages, you can find simple steps to follow to help your pet with any health condition. Have a question or need help? No problem. Just Ask Ariel by emailing us at [email protected]

*Added Value--Include your pet's diet on the order form at checkout and Pet Nutritionist Susan Davis will include a diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your products.