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Supplements For Dementia In Dogs

Unlike other age-related conditions such as arthritis or heart disease, very little is understood about dog dementia and very little is offered in terms of treatments. Owners feel helpless and hopeless watching these unusual symptoms which happen gradually. Your once happy dog may now seem distant, staring at walls and standing in corners. Your dog may have trouble settling at night and appear pacing and agitated. Your dog may sleep during the day and then pace frantically at night - a syndrome known as Sundowner's. You may find accidents in the house. While very little is available from a conventional veterinary standpoint, holistic treatment for dog dementia can help slow the progression and in some cases, help restore brain function and symptoms.

Holistic treatment for dog dementia includes diet changes, lifestyle changes and dog dementia supplements. This holistic treatment is veterinary approved and has been used successfully in a veterinary setting since 2005. In terms of diet, it's important to avoid grains and potential allergens which can cause inflammation and worsen symptoms. Smushed berries can be added to food to provide antioxidants. Dog dementia supplements can also be life changing for you and your dog, especially if started early when symptoms first begin.

Dog Brain Booster - Dog Brain Booster contains a unique blend of nutrients (not found in food) that are scientifically proven to support brain function.

Amazing Omegas - Provides essential fatty acids that support brain function.

Purrfect Pet CoQ10 - An important antioxidant for overall health and brain function.

OxiCell SE - A topical antioxidant formula that gives pets energy and is easy to administer.

CW Hemp Extract for Dogs - USA Grown Organic Promote calming and reduces inflammation. Very helpful for dogs with dementia.

PSY-stabil - PSY-stabil is a gentle, calming aid for dog. These homeopathic drops have a soothing, harmonizing effect. This natural, dog anxiety treatment relieves restlessness and nervousness, promoting a peaceful feeling and sleep.


"Carson, my beloved 14 year old Jindo Chow, was showing signs of extreme dementia. He was pacing all night, barking at nothing and exhibiting other odd and upsetting behavior. His quality-of-life was terrible and my husband and I were at our wits end….. no sleep and just so worried. We tried a medication but the side effects almost killed him. We did not know where to turn until a friend recommended Ask Ariel’s Dog Brain Booster. OMG, what a difference it has made… it is a miracle herb. Carson has no more dementia traits; he sleeps through the night, doesn't bark unnecessarily, and all his other dementia behaviors have disappeared. I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't living it, but it is like I said, a miracle supplement. I could not be happier and my husband and I also have our lives back. No words can express our gratitude. Thank you Ask Ariel!!" - Michele and Carson. California


"I have been using Dog Brain Booster for about two months with great results with my 16 1/2 year old Aussie Pancho. He has been showing classic signs of dementia like pacing, sleeplessness at night, getting stuck in corners, etc. The worst part was his disconnect and almost total lack of interaction with us. I tried medications which did nothing to help. I tried other supplements which relaxed him but caused him to have more pottying accidents. Finally I tried the Brain Booster. His dementia is so much better. He paces less, sleeps most of the night, and is able to make it through the night to potty in the morning (we put tarps on the floor because of night time accidents). Best of all he is interacting with us and is more responsive and alert. Now when I pet him or hug him he responds instead of ignoring it. Even his chiropractor has noticed the change in him. I just wanted to let you know that this product works and has improved the quality of life for all of us." - Rory M., PA

sophie karen

"Sophie, our sweet boxer, is now 14 years old. As many senior dogs do, Sophie started to act confused, was barking for no reason. It seemed like she had dementia and would sometimes appear as though she were "drunk" which affects some senior dogs. She appeared to not even know that she was barking. She would get anxious, confused and stressed. Our veterinarian diagnosed her with Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) and also vestibular disease. We tried the Dog Brain Booster for healthy brain function and we got our Sophie back within just a few days. She is once again playing with our other boxer and the barking has stopped. We would not have our Sophie with us today if is wasn't for Ask Ariel's diet and supplements." - Karen, California

Laz and Wiggles

"My boys are getting up in age (13years!) and they are slowing down ... I also noticed that Laz (the upside down dog) was seeming to show signs of cognitive decline. I stepped up the interactive games and puzzles for him and added Ask Ariel's Dog Brain Booster and I'm thrilled that he is back to his goofy self. Its scary when there are changes in our loved ones, and having a high quality supplement that really makes a difference means the world to us - thank you Ask Ariel!!!" - Marie, New York

Why Use Ask Ariel Supplements To Help Your Pet With Dementia?

Many pet owners have seen the benefits of using supplements on their own health and now want the same for their pets. Our premium, natural pet supplements have been used successfully in veterinary hospitals since 2005. Ask Ariel's remedies are selected based on quality, scientific research and proven results. A holistic approach with supplements and diet changes (FREE diet tips on the packing slip with your order) will give your pet the best chance of healing and recovery. Many veterinarians have seen the proven results of our products with their patients which is why Ask Ariel pet supplements are veterinary recommended nationwide.

If you have questions about which products to use, please feel free to email us at Support@AskAriel.com

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