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Treatment for Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

A diagnosis of collapsed trachea in dogs can be scary and uncertain, especially for dog owners who aren’t familiar with the condition. There are a range of treatment options for a collapsed trachea, however their outcomes vary. We have seen the best results when pet owners use an integrative approach, combining both conventional and holistic veterinary treatments. Collapsed trachea can sometimes have the same symptoms of a condition known as "laryngeal paralysis" though those conditions are different in both diagnosis and treatment. Learn about laryngeal paralysis here.

Ask Ariel’s supplements and diet tips are designed to strengthen the trachea and control health issues that contribute to collapsed trachea. Our holistic collapsed trachea remedies reduce the triggers (e.g. allergies, poor digestion, acid stomach, etc.) of tracheal collapse symptoms and improve the overall long-term health of your pet.

Our dog collapsed trachea home treatment has been used successfully since 2005 and is recommended by veterinarians nationwide.
Natural Supplements for Collapsed Trachea

A System to Treat Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

By managing the triggers affecting your dog, you can greatly reduce the impact of collapsed trachea genetics on your pet’s overall health.

Below are common triggers that can make your dog's collapsed trachea symptoms worse:
  • Poor digestion and acid reflux
  • Food allergies
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Getting over-excited
  • Pressure applied to the trachea
  • Drinking or eating too quickly

Depending upon what your dog's issues are, different remedies will be more helpful. Not all tracheal collapse supplements are needed for every pet.

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Supplements Can Help Strengthen Your Dog’s Trachea

Tracheal collapse is a genetic or congenital condition where the muscles and rings of cartilage that are designed to help keep your dog’s trachea open are weakened, constricting the airway and causing lifelong breathing problems.

Because tracheal collapse is a progressive condition that affects certain small dog breeds (such as the Yorkie, Toy Poodles, Maltese, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pug and Shih Tzu), one of the best ways to mitigate the advance of tracheal collapse is to improve the strength of the cartilage around the trachea.

That is done by supplementing with collagen, which has proven to stimulate cartilage growth. [1] [2]

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Changes Can Reduce Symptoms of Tracheal Collapse

Along with supporting your dog’s cartilage health, it is important to make lifestyle changes and use a combination of tracheal collapse supplements (depending upon your dog’s symptoms) along with feeding the best diet for collapsed trachea. You’ll want to try to achieve the following:

  1. Reduce coughing attacks and the anxiety that can come with them, which can worsen tracheal collapse
  2. Provide additional support to your pet’s heart and respiratory system, which decline due to the collapsed trachea condition
  3. Improve digestion as food allergies and acid stomach irritate the esophagus, increasing coughing and making the collapsed trachea symptoms worse

Our holistic approach combines natural high-quality supplements, diet, and lifestyle changes to manage your dog’s collapsed trachea symptoms and improve their overall quality of life.

Collapsed Trachea Supplemental Treatment Plan

Learn more below.

Ultra-Flex Collagen Strengthens Trachea Cartilage

Ultra-Flex Collagen for Pets is a tasteless powder that is easy to administer once a day mixed in food. Ultra-Flex Collagen is a natural food-based remedy that strengthens trachea cartilage, helping to reduce coughing and gagging over time. While there isn't a magic pill for collapsed trachea, combining Ultra-Flex Collagen with a few other supplements (depending upon your pet's symptoms) often delivers positive results.

Administer Supplements That Help Support Healthy Digestion in Dogs

Food allergies, poor digestion and food quality greatly affect collapsed trachea symptoms. If a pet has any acid reflux, this can irritate the esophagus making collapsed trachea symptoms such as coughing, gagging or choking much worse. Using the proper diet and collapsed trachea in dogs home remedies to improve digestion can give your pet much needed relief. The supplements listed below all help with your dog’s digestion and calming:

  • Power Probiotic - Backed by scientific research, this powerful multi-strain pet probiotic supplement promotes the growth of friendly bacteria to support a healthy digestive and immune system.
  • LypoZyme - This gentle digestive enzyme for dogs breaks down protein and fats, easing digestive symptoms and reducing the possibility of acid reflux and indigestion.
  • Happy Paws Organic Hemp Extract - Happy Paws Organic Hemp Extract are anti-inflammatory drops that provide a sense of calm, helping to mitigate chronic coughing.
  • PSY-stabil – PSY-stabil is a natural homeopathic remedy that can quiet coughing fits and help pets relax

Note: PSY-stabil can have a calming or sedating effect. If your pet is taking pain medications or has a heart condition, please consult with your veterinarian before ordering.

Utilize Supplements That Support Heart Function

  • Amazing Omegas – These powerful omegas reduce inflammation, reduce allergy symptoms and strengthen the trachea, joints, and ligaments.
  • Purrfect Pet CoQ10 – Many dogs with collapsing trachea develop an enlarged heart due to the stress on the pet as it tries to breathe. Using Purrfect Pet CoQ10 (along with Amazing Omegas) helps maintain healthy heart function and respiration.
  • Resveratrol for Dogs – Research shows that Resveratrol provides cardio-protective benefits by reducing inflammation in the heart and cardiovascular system and by improving endothelial function.

Diet Changes Help Dogs With Collapsing Trachea

Many dog foods (even the highest quality, grain-free, premium diets) can worsen collapsing trachea symptoms because they contain ingredients that promote inflammation, indigestion or an allergic response. Diet changes (switching to a hypoallergenic, novel protein diet) can be especially helpful. Please be sure to include your dog’s diet on the order form at checkout. Our nutritionist will include diet tips for collapsed trachea in dogs on the packing slip that comes with your product directions.

We offer custom diet recommendations with all purchases.

Recommended Lifestyle Changes for Dogs with Collapsed Trachea

A comprehensive dog tracheal collapse home treatment will yield the best results for you and your pup. Using natural supplements and changing the diet is a great place to start. Once you learn your dog's coughing triggers, you can also make lifestyle changes to help lessen the severity and frequency of flare-ups.

  • Maintain a healthy weight - excess weight means more energy is exerted to complete a short walk or even a trip up the stairs. When a dog with collapsed breathes heavily, it can cause a coughing attack. You can help your dog lose weight by adding green vegetables to your dog's meal in place of some of the dog food. Green vegetables help your pet feel more satisfied and offer a low calorie, nutritious source of bulk food. Also, plan a regular time to take long, slow walks with your dog. Click here for more healthy weight loss tips.
  • Use a harness instead of a collar - any pressure around the trachea and neck area can aggravate the condition. There are many cute harnesses available and most are fitted with a spot to hang your dog's ID tag.
  • Avoid excitement and anxiety - try to prevent anxiety by sticking to a routine. A huge excitement trigger is when a dog hears the doorbell. By planning for when guests or packages are to arrive, you may be able to prevent a reaction. Excitement and anxiety can cause a coughing fit, rapid breathing, and even fainting.
  • Avoid airborne irritants - cigarette smoke, dust, and strong fragrances can promote coughing. By keeping the windows closed, running an air conditioner or air purifier and regularly cleaning the home, you can minimize respiratory distress.
  • Keep your dog cool - dogs cool themselves by panting. Dogs with collapsed trachea are less effective at panting and can become overheated quite easily. Cooling pads can provide quick relief on hot, humid days.

Collapsed Trachea Success Stories

Below are some testimonials from past and current Ask Ariel customers who have utilized our supplements, recommended lifestyle, and diet changes to help their pets with collapsed trachea.


"This is Buster, adopted from my local shelter 6 years ago. He has a collapsing trachea, so I’ve been giving him Ultra-Flex Collagen, Soothing Digestive Relief, Gastro-ULC and Power Probiotic for about the last 6 months. He has had great relief from his symptoms and the vet said his breathing sounds better than it did 6 months ago! His intermittent diarrhea is no longer a problem either...I’m very pleased with how well these products are supporting Buster’s health. Buster also uses Ultra-flex Collagen, Power Probiotic and Lypozyme for his digestion and collapsing trachea; he is doing so much better since we started with these products!"

Marti, WY


"My Brody is doing wonderful with no trachea cough/gagging since I started him on your supplements! My Brody Bear is one happy boy!!"

Products Used: Ultra-Flex Collagen, Amazing Omegas, Purrfect Pet CoQ10

Tammi O., Florida

Piper, Morkie

"I just wanted to take time to thank you for your wonderful products. My 6 year old Morkie, Piper, was starting to suffer from several symptoms of collapsed trachea and I was getting really nervous. One night I researched online and found your products and client testimonials so I purchased the Ultra-Flex Collagen and Power Probiotic. Within just a couple of the days of use almost all of her symptoms had subsided. I plan to purchase some additional products you recommend for collapsed trachea but wanted to let you know that I am amazed and truly grateful for your products - they work!!!"

Cassandra, Florida

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Collapsed Trachea Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I treat my dog’s collapsed trachea?

There are many ways to treat and help side effects of collapsed trachea. A comprehensive holistic approach is to use natural supplements to strengthen the tracheal cartilage and to reduce the triggers that cause the coughing and gagging. Many dogs with collapsed trachea have allergies and digestive problems which further aggravate the condition. Food allergies or intolerances can cause stomach upset and acid reflux which can irritate the tissue in the esophagus. Enzymes and probiotics specifically for collapsed trachea can help to improve digestion and reduce the coughing or gagging related to eating. Lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding anxiety, can further help to reduce the frequency of coughing fits.

How can I treat my dog’s collapsed trachea at home?

Natural home remedies for collapsed trachea have helped thousands of dogs get relief from symptoms such as coughing attacks, anxiety and digestive upset. Ultra-Flex Collagen can help to strengthen and repair the tracheal cartilage to help reduce symptoms over time. Combining the collagen with enzymes and probiotics specifically for collapsing trachea can help to improve digestion and reduce irritation in the esophagus caused by regurgitation and stomach upset.

What does tracheal collapse sound like in a dog?

The hallmark symptom of collapsed trachea in dogs is a cough that sounds like a goose honk. This honking cough is often brought on by stress, exercise, excitement and eating or drinking. Collapsed trachea can lead to difficulty breathing and exercise intolerance. Dogs with collapsed trachea do best with controlled exercise, a calm environment and a hypoallergenic, low carbohydrate diet.

How long can dogs live with collapsed trachea?

Collapsed trachea is a progressive disease. As with any pet medical condition, the earlier you identify the problem and start treatment, the better chance your pup will have at a full, healthy life. Dogs with collapsed trachea can live to the full life expectancy of their breed. With careful management of the symptoms, minimizing stress factors that cause flare-ups and feeding a healthy diet with natural collapsed trachea supplements, you can help to improve your dog’s quality of life. Avoiding food allergens and making lifestyle changes such as using a harness instead of a collar can also help.


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