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Treatment for Stomatitis in Cats

Max and Sasha's Stomatitis Got Better

“I adopted my 2 kitties, Max and Sasha, who had been neglected in their previous home. I took them to the vet and found out that Max was suffering from a severe case of stomatitis and Sasha also had a mild case of stomatitis. For almost a year, Max suffered through rounds of antibiotics and steroid shots, trying to calm his symptoms just so he'd be able to eat.

Then I found AskAriel, where I read the section about stomatitis. I received a food recommendation from Ask Ariel that I was able to find in my local pet store. I also started daily giving the kitties
Power Probiotic for Pets, Colostrom for Pets, Immune Harmony, and Quentans. A year later, the kitties visited the vet and she was thoroughly impressed with Max and Sasha. She said she didn't see anything unusual... no redness, no sores, no buildup on the teeth or anything! I now have two of the happiest kitties on the planet!
Thanks for coming up with such amazing products!” Angie (with Max and Sasha), Louisiana

Stomatitis can be a very painful condition, and as with other autoimmune diseases, early intervention using a holistic approach can make a tremendous difference. Stomatitis (lymphocytic plasmacytic stomatitis) is an autoimmune inflammatory condition that results in a hypersensitivity to bacterial plaque in the cat's mouth. Holistic supplements along with diet changes can promote periodontal health, improved breath, reduced pain and discomfort. Since the mouth represents the beginning of the digestive tract, cats frequently have inflammation in the intestinal tract as well. Certain food allergens can worsen inflammation. You can help your cat by controlling the progression of autoimmune disease using supplements that promote dental hygiene, reducing redness, infection and inflammation.

Supplements effective in controlling and treating stomatitis:

Power Probiotic is the best probiotic for pets! Backed by scientific research, this powerful, promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the mouth and digestive tract--critical for your kitty's immune system. If your cat has been on antibiotics or steroids, the friendly bacteria are killed, further weakening your cat's ability to handle the stomatitis. That is why at first when steroids and antibiotics are given, your cat's mouth is better but eventually the infection returns.

NotaSAN drops Our best-selling anti-infection formula for cats. Highly effective, easy to administer homeopathic drops that fight infection and safe for long-term use. Very helpful for stomatitis.

QuentaSAN drops - Use with NotaSAN drops to fight redness, viruses and infection. Autoimmune disorders often involve underlying viruses so using the two formulas together is especially helpful for controlling red, painful sore gums and mouth.

Colostrum for Pets has been shown in research studies to enhance the digestive system and immunity, and many cats like the taste of this capsule.

Immune Harmony is the first line of defense for autoimmune conditions. It modulates the immune system and is very well tolerated by cats.

An underlying virus can set off an autoimmune attack. If your cat has a virus such as herpes or AIDS, it's critical to use Quentans and Notatum drops to control the virus. Viruses, along with certain food allergens, environmental toxins and other stressors, can act as triggers that set off autoimmune flareups and stomatitis symptoms. Click here to learn more about autoimmune disease triggers.

If you’re looking for a natural cure for stomatitis in cats, our stomatitis supplements can help your cat feel better. These stomatitis supplements have been used successfully in veterinary hospitals since 2005 and are veterinary-approved. Diet changes are critical for treating stomatitis so please be sure to include your cat’s diet on the order form at checkout. Our nutritionist will include a diet suggestion for your cat on the packing slip that comes with your product directions. If you have questions about which products to use, please feel free to email us at support@askariel.com.