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Argentyn Anti-infection Formula

Argentyn 23 Natural Infection Fighter

  • Apply topically or administer to pets orally (watery with minimal if any taste)
  • Excellent for cats with chronic infections and viruses
  • Promotes healing of the skin
  • Supports a weakened immune system
  • Calms minor inflammation reducing the swelling, redness and heat
  • Helps with chronic upper respiratory infections

  • Our Price: $35.95

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    Natural Formula for Fighting Infections

    Indicated For: Upper Respiratory Infections, Viruses, Immune Support, Sinus Infections, GI infections
    May be used with small kittens

    Available in 4 oz Capped Bottle (can transfer into a GLASS spray or dropper bottle--do not use plastic)

    We love Argentyn! This terrific anti-infection formula is pure, easy to use, backed by significant research and really delivers! Argentyn can be used topically on any type of irritation or inflammation--even in the most sensitive areas such as the ears, genitals and nose. Just watch as this miracle formula helps to heal the skin. Worried that your pet might lick it off? Have no fears--this product is excellent for oral use.

    Very special formula!!!! Easy to administer to pets---Argentyn tastes very much like water. This powerful colloidal silver formula is the finest, most purified available. It is offered exclusively through health care professionals because of it's effectiveness in providing critical immune support. This product has been tested extensively in comparison studies and has been shown to have the smallest particle size currently available (.0008 microns), an ultra fine dispersion rate and concentration of 23 ppm (professional strength)---all which give the product its incredible strength. Argentyn, along with Quentans and Notatum are very helpful for kittens with upper respiratory infections or that have been diagnosed with viruses such as herpes, FeLV or FIV., are the two products we offer to fight bacterial infections. They work differently and can be used synergistically. Many times with skin infections, dogs may have both yeast and bacterial overgrowth. While it is extremely important to use K9 Yeast Defense to kill the yeast, How to know if your dog has a yeast infection? If your dog has taken several rounds of antibiotics and/or is licking at the groin, chewing on the rear end or getting ear infections, chances are your dog may have a yeast overgrowth.

    Argentyn is an excellent choice if your cat or dog has chronic infections. It is also very helpful for other types of infections such as urinary tract, ear and eye infections, kennel cough, respiratory infections and external wounds. Argentyn is a simple, all natural product without cortisone or antibiotics. It provides critical immune support and helps the body to heal.

    Please note: Argentyn must be stored in a glass bottle.

    Ingredients: One teaspoon contains: Silver (23 ppm) 115 mcg
    Other ingredients: Sterile ultra-pure water.