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NOT Anti-Infection Drops

NOT Anti-Infection Drops

Alternative Views:

  • Natural Remedy For Fighting Infections And Supporting Your Pet's Immune System
  • Effective For Skin Infections, IBD, Ear Infections, UTIs, Upper Respiratory Infections, Autoimmune Conditions And More
  • Use QUENT Along With NOT For Viruses And Autoimmune Conditions
  • Controls Harmful Bacteria And Restores Gut Flora Balance, Improving Digestive Symptoms And Immune Function

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to supply chain issues, you may receive either NOT Drops OR NotaSAN Drops. The products are interchangeable.


Description Benefits Testimonials

NOT Anti-Inflammatory/Anti-Infection Drops 10 ML Drops

Use QUENT along with NOT for chronic infections, viruses and autoimmune conditions. If you have a medium-large size dog, use the
NotaSAN capsules for greater effectiveness and value.

What Is NOT (previous product NotaSAN)?
NOT is a special homeopathic remedy that naturally supports your pet's immune system. These tasteless drops provide a balancing effect on the immune system by controlling harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation. Your pet's intestinal tract contains a vast array of microbes and colonies of bacteria. Intestinal dysbiosis is a condition that arises when there is an imbalance in these microorganisms. The microorganisms (e.g. gut flora) are essential for proper digestion and immune functioning. Dysbiosis (imbalance of gut flora) results in digestive symptoms. NOT Drops help control harmful bacteria and restore balance, improving digestive symptoms and immune function.

Indicated For:

All types of infections--UTIs, skin, allergies, sinus, stomatitis, upper respiratory infections, Pillow Paw, IBD, allergies and more

Allergies--reduces dog odor, skin infections, controls allergies especially when used with K9 Yeast Defense.

Bestseller--NOT delivers what it promises! Gentle but effective. Well tolerated by even the smallest pets. NOT Drops act like a natural antibiotic formula for cats and dogs. It is very helpful for any type of infection. Works to boost your pet's immune system from the inside out. This product is very helpful if your pet has been on antibiotics as it helps to prevent the recurrence of an infection. Is especially helpful to use if your pet has been on antibiotics as it helps to boost your pet's immune system and prevent reinfection. NOT drops are exceptionally well tolerated by cats.

Irritable Bowel Disease--Use this product in conjunction with Soothing Digestive Relief Formula and Power Probiotic as part of our IBD Kit.

Chronic Urinary Tract Infections---If your cat or dog has had chronic urinary tract infections, using our Pet UTI Prevention Program (Akutur, Power Probiotic, Cranberry and Olive Leaf Extract) along with NOT can bring lasting relief. NOT Drops are so effective that several cat owners observed their cats straining and crying in the litter box and by using the products, especially NOT immediately, they could stop the bacterial overgrowth from turning into a full infection. Some pets may need to stay on the NOT Drops for a while to strengthen their immune system and then use it occasionally if a flareup occurs.

Allergies/Skin Conditions--Use NOT Drops along with K9 Yeast Defense and AllerEaze to help reduce allergy symptoms including hot spots, dripping eyes, doggie odor and skin redness.

Ear Infections--Use the product along with K9 Yeast Defense and Power Probiotic

Upper Respiratory Infections and Asthma--For small pets, use the Immune Support Kit which includes NOT Drops, QUENT Drops and Silver Immune.


"Rocky, our 16 year old kitty, is doing quite well. At 15, he developed an allergy and we tried everything. However, diet suggestions from AskAriel and a process of elimination of different foods, we found that he was allergic to chicken. He does NOT Drops every night, mixed in a very small amount of his high quality canned food.

When he has an occasional flare-up of the Herpes virus, we alternate NOT Drops and QUENT Drops at night. He is doing so well. People can't believe he is 16... one happy camper in Eastern, NC." - Deborah, North Carolina

NOT Drops Ingredients:
10 ml Penicillium notatum (chrysogenum) 4x in a base of purified water, sodium chloride

Note: please do not confuse allergies to the drug penicillin to the homeopathic ingredients found in NOT. They are not the same and we have had no reported side effects from this product even on the most allergic pets.

This remedy is FDA-listed and produced under strict cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. These rigorous standards are applied throughout the production process. The FDA inspects the factory where it is produced and each batch is tested for quality, safety and purity. Imported from Canada.