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NotaSAN Capsules

NotaSAN Capsules


  • Natural Remedy For Fighting Infections And Supporting Your Pet's Immune System
  • Effective For Skin Infections, Ear Infections, UTIs, Upper Respiratory Infections, Autoimmune Conditions And More
  • Controls Harmful Bacteria And Restores Gut Flora Balance, Improving Digestive Symptoms And Immune Function
  • Best-Suited For Large Dogs Or Multi-Cat Households

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NotaSAN Anti-Inflammatory/Anti-Infection Capsules - 30 Capsules

What Are NotaSAN Capsules?

NotaSAN Capsules are a special homeopathic remedy that naturally supports your pet's immune system by controlling harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Indicated For:

NotaSAN Capsules are gentle yet effective! NotaSAN act like a natural antibiotic formula for dogs. Helpful for any type of infection. Works to boost your pet's immune system from the inside out. This product is very helpful if your pet has been on antibiotics as it helps to prevent the recurrence of an infection.

NotaSAN Capsules Ingredients:
255mg Penicillium notatum (chrysogenum) 4x
Inactive Ingredient: mannitol

Note: please do not confuse allergies to the drug penicillin to the homeopathic ingredients found in NOT. They are not the same and we have had no reported side effects from this product even on the most allergic pets.

This remedy is FDA-listed and produced under strict cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. These rigorous standards are applied throughout the production process. The FDA inspects the factory where it is produced and each batch is tested for quality, safety and purity.