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Holistic and Conventional Treatments For Pets With Diabetes
Each pet will respond a little bit differently to diabetes treatment, and therapy must be tailored to the individual pet and adjusted throughout his life.
However, using a combination of diet changes, supplements and medication, your cat or dog can lead a good quality of life. Diabetes treatment will vary depending upon upon how severe the pet's symptoms are and what the lab work indicates. Conventional treatments will include insulin injections but by using the appropriate supplements and making diet modifications, the amount of insulin can be kept to a minimum. The treatment plan for your pet will also will depend on other conditions that your cat or dog develops as a result of having diabetes. For example, a common complication to diabetes is kidney disease so it is important to support your pet's kidney function as well.

The Best Diet For Diabetic Pets
Diabetic pets need a high fiber, low carbohydrate diet with fresh, nutritious food such as a raw frozen diet and plenty of green vegetables.
Protein helps to regulate blood sugar so diabetic pets need lean, high quality protein fed at the same times each day. Most pet food, especially dry kibble contains a great deal of carbohydrates which is not recommended. Feeding canned, raw frozen and freeze dried raw (not dehydrated which is high in carbohydrates) along with pureed low glycemic vegetables for fiber (e.g. green beans, asparagus, etc) is helpful. Please include your pet's diet on the order form at checkout. Our nutritionist will be happy to include a free diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your products. Please always inform your veterinarian when making diet changes as it can greatly affect insulin levels.

Supplements For Cats and Dogs With Diabetes
Properly digesting protein and fats is very important for pets with diabetes. Supporting the liver and pancreas are essential. Thus, we recommend the Liver Support Kit for both cats and dogs with diabetes. Since the excess sugar in the blood in diabetic pets can create an optimal environment for yeast and other infections, it is important to use the Power Probiotic along with Silver Immune which is a gentle immune support formula.

Kidney disease is a common complication of diabetes, so if your cat or dog has been diagnosed with kidney disease, Renelix and Kidney Health Protein support are essential supplements to use. For more information about how to help your pet with diabetes, please feel free to email us at support@askariel.com