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Dog Ear Infection Medication

Dog ear infections can become a chronic problem and create symptoms that are painful, smelly and itchy for your dog.

Symptoms of dog ear infections can include:
  • dog ear smell
  • black or brown ear discharge
  • hearing loss
  • scratching of the ears
  • shaking of the head
The good news is that dog ear infection home treatment is possible using a holistic approach reducing the need for prescription pet ear infection medication. Chronic dog ear infections are usually due to yeast overgrowth and candida. Click here to learn more.

Dog ear infection home treatment is possible with supplements such as K9 Yeast Defense and Power Probiotic (see below). K9 Yeast Defense rebalances your dog's immune system, killing off the yeast and reducing the likelihood of developing future infections. When dogs have been on repeated doses of antibiotics, the "friendly bacteria" is destroyed making the dog susceptible to getting a repeat ear infection. Supplements are a "proactive" approach helping to ward off dog ear infections. Argentyn can be dropped directly into your dog's ears to fight infection. However, you should practice consistent dog ear car by clean your dog's ears using a natural wash prescribed by your veterinarian along with the supplements for best results.

Ask Ariel has articles with information about how to help your dog's ear infections using diet and supplements. Click here to learn more. Need help deciding which products would be best for your pet? Please email us at support@askariel.com and we will be glad to help.

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