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Pancreatitis in Cats

Pancreatitis in cats occurs when the pancreas becomes inflamed. Inflammation usually affects the digestive enzymes of the pancreas. There are two forms of pancreatitis – acute and chronic pancreatitis. Symptoms of pancreatitis in cats include loss of appetite, fever, weight loss, dehydration, fatigue, depression, tender abdomen and increased heart rate.

Chronic Pancreatitis in Cats

Of the two types of pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis in cats is more common. This is a long-term disease in which the pancreatitis comes and goes. When the pancreatitis rears up, more aggressive treatment will be needed. Once your cat has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, every meal should include Lypozyme -- a digestive enzyme specifically designed to break down fats. For cat with pancreatitis, using the complete Pancreatitis Kit, which includes the Lypozyme for Pets and Power Probiotic can be especially helpful. Need help deciding which products would be best for your pet? Please email us at support@askariel.com and we will be glad to help.

Cat Pancreatitis Treatment

Cats require both short-term and long-term treatment of pancreatitis. Short-term, fluid therapy will be needed for cats that are diagnosed with pancreatitis. Food may need to be withheld for up to 48 hours if the cat is vomiting. Your veterinarian may also prescribe corticosteroids and metronidazole for chronic pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis can lead to kidney failure, respiratory failure or death. Treatment of acute pancreatitis should include plasma administration.

Long-term, cats that have had a bout of pancreatitis need to eat a reduced fat, anti-inflammatory diet free of grains. Also, using digestive enzymes specific for pancreatitis is essential. Lypozyme for Pets is a powerful yet small, easy to administer powdered natural enzyme that can be mixed into food. It is veterinary-approved and has a stronger potency and purity than digestive enzymes purchased at a pet store. Cats will generally eat it readily as it has minimal taste and odor. Since the liver and intestinal tract are integrally related to the health of the pancreas, using the Power Probiotic and Liver/Gallbladder Support will help your kitty's pancreatic function and overall health. These three products are included in the Pancreatitis and Liver Support Kit (see below) at a discounted package price. Note: all of the formulas are powders which can be mixed with water and administered with a syringe. If your kitty is very finicky, than start with the tasteless Lypozyme + Power Probiotic package first as the Liver/Gallbladder formula, while extremely beneficial contains herbs which will be more noticeable to your cat. Please be sure to include your cat's diet and health issues on the order form at checkout. Our nutritionist will include diet tips on the packing slip that comes with the product directions.

“Our cat Oliver was diagnosed with pancreatitis and was hospitalized. He was very listless and didn't want to eat. We were so worried about him. It is very hard to give him medicine but I was SO glad the Lypozyme pills were so small and it was easy to give to him. I opened the capsules and mixed them with the Power Probiotic (which he liked the taste of) in his canned food. It really seemed to help his appetite and gave us our kitty back. He hasn't had another flareup since. Thank you!" Lynette, Los Angeles

Causes of Pancreatitis in Cats

Upwards of 90% of pancreatitis cases have no known cause. However, doctors have found a few things linked to the development of pancreatitis in cats. The following are all potential causes of pancreatitis in cats:

  • Infection
  • Trauma
  • Parasites
  • Drugs

Diet also has a huge impact on a cat’s chances of getting pancreatitis, as do genetics. Siamese cats have been shown to have a predisposition for developing the disease.

Symptoms of pancreatitis in cats vary from those of dogs. Pancreatitis symptoms include: lethargy, loss of appetite, dehydration, low body temperature and increased respiratory rate.

Natural Treatment For Cats With Pancreatitis

Pets with pancreatitis get the best results using our Pancreatitis and Liver Support Kit. The products are all gentle formulas that work synergistically to help reduce inflammation, improve your pet's digestion and improve the symptoms of pancreatitis. Many pets with pancreatitis are in pain and don't want to eat. After eating their food, they experience discomfort, noises in the abdomen, grass eating and lethargy. Using the Pancreatitis Kit, combined with a natural pancreatitis diet, gives your pet fast relief. Why are digestive enzymes necessary? Pets with pancreatitis need an enzyme specially formulated to help them break down fats and protein. This takes the workload off the pancreas and digestive system. Combined with the Power Probiotic and Liver/Gallbladder Support, there is less toxic buildup, reduced inflammation and improved digestion. It is poor digestion, especially of fats that contribute to your kitty's discomfort.
If you have a cat or dog with pancreatitis and need help, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@askariel.com