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Calming Drops For Cats and Dogs with Anxiety

Anxiety and stress can affect the health of your dog and cat. Rescue pets especially, have endured hardships before they come into our lives and may have developed fearful behaviors as a result. Some pets may just be a bit sensitive or skittish so it is important to do all we can to help them feel safe and comfortable.

Use Psystabil Drops to help ease your pet's anxiety and help them feel more comfortable in stressful situations. Psystabil doesn't work like a tranquilizer but is an all natural way to help your pet feel emotionally balanced. It can also help calm itchy pets, dogs with collapsed trachea to reduce coughing spells and also help reduce the frequency of stress-related UTIs in cats.

CW Hemp Extract contains natural, anti-inflammatory drops that have a calming effect. 100% organic, made in the USA. Many clients use both Psystabil and CW Hemp Extract to help their anxious pets feel more comfortable. Dogs with dementia may develop sundowner syndrome which can cause them to pace at night. Using CW Hemp Extract and Psystabil can promote a sense of peace and give your pet a chance to rest and relax.