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About Ask Ariel

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About Ask Ariel

Susan Davis and Ariel, 6 months after her diagnoses with kidney disease

April Fool’s Day—2004. A day I will always remember—no fun and games but rather shock that my beloved Husky mix Ariel--my best friend and companion, was suddenly diagnosed with chronic renal failure—a deadly disease that takes its victims rapidly. Ariel meant the world to me---and unless we found a miracle, she didn’t have much more time.…

The veterinary treatment for chronic renal failure was extremely limited---a prescription diet and subcutaneous fluids. I knew there had to be more I could do. I went on a focused mission to find a way to prolong Ariel’s life. What I discovered was amazing--- there were other options! Not only could I increase Ariel’s time and quality of life, but I could help others in a similar situation. Through holistic healing, nutritional changes and natural supplements, Ariel went on to live past her 14th birthday, maintaining a very high quality of life.

Our triumphant journey over renal failure (Ariel died from an unrelated issue) inspired me to establish Ask Ariel. It is my personal goal to provide you with information and alternative options so that you can find wellness for yourself and your pet. YOU can help your pet attain optimal wellness through holistic healing---you just need the tools and information. Don’t get discouraged----Just Ask Ariel!

Susan Blake Davis

Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN)

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