Ask Ariel Customer Reviews

Ask Ariel has been offering expert pet nutrition advice and the best pet vitamins and supplements for dogs and cats since 2005. Some pets have challenging health issues and many owners feel like they have tried everything to help their pets feel better. We have found that pets achieve the best results when diet changes are made along with using our natural remedies.

While we discontinued consultations in 2014, our supplement protocols are based on Pet Nutritionist Susan Blake Davis's 10+ years of experience on staff at VCA Hospitals, working in conjunction with holistic veterinarians and veterinary specialists. To help your pet get the best results, we include FREE DIET TIPS with your order.

Below are some reviews from Ask Ariel customers:


"My sweet rescue dog Allie has always acted like a puppy. But now that she is getting close to 13 years, I noticed she was having difficulty getting into cars and climbing the stairs. I am very concerned about only giving Allie things that are good for her. I wanted to try something natural and didn’t want to use medication. I tried K9 CurcuMagic and am so happy with the results. Allie has more energy and is able to jump up on my bed again! She is having less problems with the stairs too."

Amy, California 2023


"Lucy is our rescue Beagle. She was found wandering in a park almost nine years ago (she was estimated around 2 years old then). My friend was just starting her rescue at the time and she called to ask if I would 'foster' Lucy in hopes we would find her owner. Well, we did find her owner, me and my husband!

Lucy's liver enzymes were off a few years ago and our vet recommended she go for an abdominal ultrasound. Now, as cute as Lucy is, she hates going to the vet and needs to be muzzled. It's truly an ordeal and no fun for anyone. I knew taking her for an ultrasound would be extremely difficult and she wasn't showing any signs of being ill or having discomfort. So, we all agreed to try supplements and see if there would be any improvement. She began taking a liver support chew that the vet gave us but it wasn't enough to do the job. That's when I started googling natural and organic liver support supplements and when I found Special SAMe. We found that when Lucy takes Special SAMe, her numbers fell back within the normal range. Although getting older, she is a healthy and happy girl and we love her so much! It's true when they say animals come into our lives when we need them the most. We rescued each other!"

Christine, New York 2023


"After researching and looking for a more holistic way to help my cat, Reese, and his tummy issues, I stumbled upon AskAriel. I purchased the IBD Kit for him and I believe this, combined with the food suggestions from AskAriel, has made such a difference for him in just a couple of months. He went from vomiting 3-4 times a week to only a couple of times a month, doesn't seem as bloated, and I no longer hear the rumblings in his tummy. He loves to take the Power Probiotic by itself, like it's a treat! We are happy to have found something that works for him and I'm sure Reese is happier, too!"

Dawn, Pennsylvania 2023


"Gavin is a 7-year-old Scottish Terrier who has been my buddy since a puppy. A couple of months before he turned 3, he became listless, had a high temperature, drinking more water than usual and no appetite to eat. He was hospitalized for 3 days at a Specialty Veterinary Hospital where tests were done to rule out various issues. To help him recover he was on a variety of pills. The specialty doctors still could not figure out what was wrong with him for a couple of months eventually concluding that he was diagnosed as having “Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis (IMPA)”. I wanted him off all the medication and researched for a more homeopathic way to heal. I decided on the website “Ask Ariel”. I have ordered various products eventually using up to 7 products on a regular basis going on 4 years. Gavin is doing very well!" - Lisa, California 2023

Gavin uses Immune Harmony, Power Probiotic, AllerEaze, K9 Yeast Defense, NOT Drops and Amazing Omegas.


"I just wanted to thank you guys for your great service and great products. Our Vet was telling us that we were looking at a very expensive surgery and a full tooth extraction for my cat Pete and that they didn’t know what was causing his stomatitis and it was the only thing they could do to fix it. The antibiotics they gave us weren’t working. Not only did you get me your products immediately, my cat seems to have made a full recovery in 2 weeks. The Vet didn’t tell us Stomatitis was an autoimmune disease, diet related or anything else. You and your website told me that and I believe it was your products (Immune Support Kit, Immune Harmony and Happy Paws Drops) and knowledge of a diet change that made the entire difference. My family can not thank you guys enough! Pete seems to be back to his normal self and we are just so thankful!"

Ryan, Virginia 2023


"We adopted Trixie from the Animal Rescue League and loved her from first sight! She was so tiny! Fit in the palm of my hand & was a little stinker as a kitten. Always in things she shouldn’t be, but always so cute, it was hard to be mad. At her first annual appointment, I had told our vet that I was noticing she had bad breath and was a bit lethargic. After checking her mouth, I was told she had Stomatitis. I have had cats all my life and had never heard of this. After discussing treatment options which included steroid shots to extracting all her teeth, I was overwhelmed. How could this be happening? How did this cutie pie develop an autoimmune disease that could be that life altering? I remember discussing the vet recommendations with my husband with tears running down my face. I told him that I felt helpless & needed to figure out an option.

I spent 4 hours Saturday morning scouring the internet to educate myself and look for options. I found AskAriel. I had to read the website information twice (omg – did I really find something?!?) and decided to give it a try as I wasn’t finding anything else. I felt hope! Trixie takes Power Probiotic, Soothing Digestive Relief (she developed runny stools), Immune Harmony, NOT Drops and QUENT Drops. As she started feeling better, I finally looked at her gums. The AskAriel treatment was working! Subsequent vet visits confirm her Stomatitis is under control and recommend teeth cleaning as needed. Unbelievable – we went from one extreme to an average cat check up! AskAriel has been so helpful during our journey, I am thankful we found them! I don’t think this is a business for them, I believe they truly care and want to help with information & alternative options. I hope Trixie’s story will help others in a similar situation. There is hope and a solution for a better life for your fur baby!"

Jill, Iowa 2023


"Our Toby is a six year old cat who started bleeding from his paws and was diagnosed with Pillow Paw. We were nervous to start the Power Probiotic as it is a little pricey with a no refund policy but we owed it to Toby to at least give it a try. We started with many speculations since Toby is such a sensitive, one of a kind cat. We read the reviews & thought they were too good to be true. Within 4 weeks, Toby’s paws had completely healed & the swelling was gone and it has stayed that way. There were also quite a few unexpected benefits. Toby has always bathed nervously to the point where he had furless patches & he has always been a small cat who weighs next to nothing. After starting him on the Power Probiotic, he has grown all his hair back, bathes more like a normal cat, instead of nervously & has even gained a few pounds. He has also been an avid puker, we’re talking daily, and that has stopped almost completely as well. If you’re like us and think this product is too good to be true, please give it a try I promise it’s worth it. We would rate this 10 stars if we could. Thank you Ask Ariel for giving our sweet Toby a better life."

Noah, Ohio 2023


"I just want to thank you for your products, I purchased the IBD Kit for my cat Lucky. He was having issues with vomiting. He had trouble holding food down even though he was hungry. My vet tested for feline viruses, performed a biopsy of the spleen & administered steroid injections and cerenia for vomiting, but the treatment lasted for shorter periods of time. He was losing weight & was fading before my eyes. I prefer more natural treatments, so I stopped the vet visits, to try something else more natural. What did we have to lose at this point? I received the IBD Kit and administered the supplements & he immediately began to eat. At first it was occasional vomiting & I was still feeding the prescribed veterinary diet from my vet. We were making progress, but he was still sick. I decided to forgo that food & try the diet tips that came with my order. He ate it immediately & began to slowly increase his food intake, slowly gaining back some weight. I periodically gave him the supplements when he had a minor relapse. Today he is eating regularly & is keeping it down. Thank you for your products. It means so much that our cat is having a much more normal life, even if we have to live with his IBD."

Helen, Georgia 2023


"Our feral feline, Romeo, has been living in our basement since right before COVID hit. We have been unable to get him to the vet's office because of COVID, and most recently because they are only seeing patients in the parking lot! We are afraid we will lose him forever because he is so scared. That's when I found Ask Ariel! Several months ago, we noticed he developed a slight limp in his left paw. As the weeks went on, it was clear that he was getting worse and was suffering from Pillow Foot. I knew we needed to get him treatment but how? I started researching Pillow Foot and came across Ask Ariel's website. Their excellent advice regarding the "true" cause of Pillow Foot led me to try their protocol. WOW!!! After just one week, we were able to notice a marked improvement in his mobility. Now after three months, his little paw looks almost back to normal with NO limp. He also seems much happier and more content now. I can't thank Ask Ariel enough for providing safe, effective remedies to address the "root cause" of these diseases rather than just putting a bandaid on it!"

Dawn, Pennsylvania 2022


"This is Eddie showing off his lovely paw. He has been taking Power Probiotic and Immune Harmony since he had a terrible reaction to vaccinations which apparently made his immune system go haywire. He initially had a high prolonged fever and was on pain medication, fever reducer, and antibiotics. I started giving him Quent Drops & NOT Drops and within a week the fever was gone. Then he developed pillow paw and winky eye and could barely walk so we started the Power Probiotic and Immune Harmony and again within the week his eyes were clear and paws back to normal. He’s a very special boy. He was found as a kitten injured and on the center stripe of a lonely two lane blacktop. He’s been with me now for close to 10 years and thankfully back to his healthy and charming self. Thanks so much!"

Melinda, Texas 2022


"My sweet, beautiful Rudley has had tummy issues since he was a puppy. With Ask Ariel's help, we put him on a raw diet and have used their supplements…Amazing Omegas and Power Probiotics all these years. He will soon be eleven years old and he’s been very healthy.

Recently, he started getting us up in the night to go outside and wanted to eat grass or bushes! He was agitated and couldn’t seem to get comfortable. After lab work and vet visits that showed he was healthy, I decided it was time for him to go back on Ask Ariel’s digestive protocol. I had to assume that he was having acid reflux in the night. After only three days on K9 Digestive and Gastro ULC, Rudley was sleeping through the night again and back to his happy self! We also added the Brain Booster since he is a senior citizen!

Thank you Susan and Ask Ariel for always being there for us. I’m convinced that your supplements (and diet suggestions) have kept Rudley from ever having an ear or skin infection."

Pam, California 2021


"Samwell has been doing well thanks to Ask Ariel's Amazing Omegas, LypoZyme and Power Probiotic. He takes them daily to help with his collapsing trachea. The digestives help reduce any dietary issues or allergens that could irritate his throat and the omegas are an excellent anti-inflammatory."

Heather, New York 2021


"Since I started him on your trio of digestive aids (Probiotics, Enzymes, Gastro ULC) three months ago, he has not had a single vomiting episode, and now he eats his breakfast in the AM with gusto. No more gurgling stomach/grass-eating episodes and no more loud mouth smacking at night. I'm going to keep him on this supplement regime for a few more months and then see if I can cut back to once a day. Thanks so much Ask Ariel."

Odette, Pennsylvania 2021


"Beau is a seven-year-old chihuahua and rat terrier mix around 15 pounds. He is in great health but with a tad bit of stiffness when he is very active which is so much better with these products. Curcumin complex and Arthrosoothe are the best joint supplements I’ve ever used for my furbabies and the only ones I️ trust. Thank you for these great products!"

Micaela, Virginia 2021


"My cat, a 10 year old male Siamese, named Indie, was diagnosed with a large tumor next to his left adrenal gland/kidney in January of this year. The vets advised surgery immediately as the tumor was affecting his electrolytes (low potassium and high sodium). This operation is also very delicate and dangerous and we worried about his quality of life after the operation (if he survived it).

After much anguish, my husband and I decided not to have the surgery performed and to go with medications instead. I added your Power Probiotic to the mixture and he is doing extremely well since I did this. In fact, I think (after feeling his left side when he sits on my lap) that the tumor has shrunk.

I am now going to add the Power Probiotic to my other cat Rica's food as preventative medicine. Thank you for such a wonderful product."

Van Horn Family, New Jersey 2012


"We can't thank Susan Davis enough for her tremendous knowledge. My 5 lb. yorkie, Sissy, was diagnosed with early stage Protein Losing Enteropathy (Lymphagiectasia is a form of this) back in 2008. Before I even had a diagnosis, I scheduled a consult with Susan. Hands down, it was the best move I ever made.

Susan designed a diet for her and recommended supplements such as Power Probiotic, Amazing Omegas, and Curcumin for Pets. We also use Notatum when needed as she will occasionally have some tummy upset or not want to eat. Sissy just visited our vet for her annual exam (just before her 7th birthday). For the first time in her life, her bloodwork is NORMAL. I believe Sissy is still with me and healthy because of her. Not only is Susan a wealth of knowledge, but she is a kind and caring individual I am proud to know!!!!"

Jodie, Michigan 2012


"Molly, our 13 year old black lab was diagnosed with kidney disease in January of 2012 and was given a few months to live. She had been healthy most of her life, surviving a spindle cell cancer tumor removal in 2010. My husband and I were stunned with the diagnosis. In addition to her kidney disease, her legs were getting weak from arthritis and she was also starting to show signs of dementia. Needless to say, we were not optimistic about her future. That weekend, we went to the Pet Expo in Baltimore and were lucky enough to talk to a vendor who recommended we speak to Susan Davis with I scheduled a consultation. Susan provided me with an easy home made food receipe that was good for Molly's kidneys. She also recommended commercial canned food that would be good for her. Then she recommended Renelix and the Kidney Health Formula for her kidney disease in addition to the Amazing Omegas. We've been treating her with Susan's supplements in addition to administering sub-q fluids and 5 months later Molly is still eating, drinking and very much full of life. We know that she is still with us because of Susan Davis, her expertise, compassion and arsenal of supplements. We are so grateful we found Susan and AskAriel and have already started our younger dog, Brandy on the Amazing Omegas."

Szulinski Family, Maryland 2012


"My 9 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel mix, Max, didn't have much of an appetite and would frequently vomit. He would often rush out to eat grass and then vomit afterwards. I was worried because he was thin and seemed so uncomfortable. I followed the Ask Ariel program and changed his diet while using supplements such as Gastro ULC and Power Probiotic. I really wasn't expecting much because I had made prior changes before that hadn’t worked. Within just a few days, Max improved. He no longer was interested in eating grass and his vomiting stopped. Max is now at a healthy weight and it is so nice to see him so happy to see his meals."

Karen, California


"Toby is a Persian cat 15 years old. Last year he was diagnosed with Kidney disease along with a UTI. Toby was fed, what we thought was a healthy diet--Royal Canin dry food. Toby would not eat the food and was getting weaker every day, he couldn't defecate and he wasn't urinating. You could see and feel every bone in his body, his eyes were glazed over and his coat was dull. Toby would sit and stare at the wall--he had given up. We couldn't watch him slowly die so we took him off of all of the meds and food and started searching for help on the web. We found Ask Ariel!

We made an appointment to speak to Susan Davis. She gave us all the information we needed to save Toby's life. Toby now eats a healthy diet and takes a few supplements such as Kidney Health and Power Probiotic. The products all are easy to give and even a fussy cat will eat them.

Toby is a changed cat. He is healthier than he has ever been in his entire life! He has gained weight, has a beautiful coat, bright eyes, plays like a kitten, purrs constantly and loves his food. We are only sorry that we didn't know about Ask Ariel before. Susan has given Toby a new lease on life and he loves it!"

Peden Family, New York 2012


"Thank you so much for the allergy/skin solutions! The Pro-Aller plus the Notatum alternating with Quentans not only gave my 15 yr. old Maltese, Beebop, relief from his respiratory and skin allergy symptoms --- these amazing products helped his skin to heal completely and his beautiful hair to return so thickly, he looks like a young pup again. His ear inflammation and "gunk" cleared up, and he's happy and frolicking like his "old self". He's living up to that Beebop name and wrestling with our two other Maltese, the rescued Bambi and Thumper. For the first time in years, his little tail is back up and curled as he romps around our yard. We are eternally grateful to you and continue to recommend you and your products to all our pet-owner friends and family."

Debbie, Florida 2012


"Davy was diagnosed with IBD and was pretty bloated with fluid retention. I went to two different veterinarians but Davy still was very lethargic and wouldn’t eat. As stronger medications such as prednisone were being prescribed, we decided to try supplements instead. We started Davy on Liver & Gallbladder Supplement, LypoZyme & Power Probiotic. We also consulted with Susan about Davy’s diet. His swelling went down and the IBD is completely under control. I sprinkle the capsules over his food since it is odorless and has no taste. He's feeling great and back to normal size-- no more fluid retention."

Elaine, California 2012


"We wanted to let you know how well the Immune Harmony has been working for Cody, our 5 year old spaniel/border collie mix. Cody has autoimmune thrombocytopenia (his immune system attacks his platelets). He developed this in the Spring of 2008 which was about four months after we rescued him. He had to take Prednisone and Azathioprine for months to get it under control. Then we had to take him off the Azathioprine because it started affecting his liver enzymes. We slowly reduced the Prednisone to get him to the lowest dose that would keep him in remission. This kept his platelet counts between 80,000 and 120,000 which were considered adequate. The low end of the normal range for platelets is between 175,000 and 200,000 depending on the testing lab. We wanted his platelets to be as close to the normal range as possible so we didn’t have to worry about a relapse. You suggested Immune Harmony.

After we started giving him the Immune Harmony in December 2009, his platelet counts have been in the range of 160,000 to 185,000 when we have his periodic blood tests done. His most recent one which was two weeks ago was 185,000. We, as well as our vet, are thrilled with this. And, we know for a fact that it is the Immune Harmony making a difference. Because of the cost of the Immune Harmony, my husband wanted to be sure it was really working. Without my knowledge, there was a period of time before a blood test that he gave Cody the Immune Harmony only 3 times a week. When the blood test came back with results like we had been seeing before putting Cody on Immune Harmony, I just couldn’t figure out what happened and why his count had gone down. My husband told me he hadn’t been consistently giving it to Cody every day. Once he was back on the Immune Harmony daily, Cody’s counts were back up. This along with 2 ½ mg of Prednisone every other day, which is a minimal amount, has kept Cody from having a relapse. The Immune Harmony may be expensive, but it is well worth every penny to see Cody doing so well. Thank you, Susan, for keeping Cody healthy. It is wonderful working with you and your amazing staff."

Pat, Pennsylvania


"To all the kind souls at Ask Ariel,

I cannot express my sincere thanks to all of you that helped to keep Bear in good health over the last four years with the amazing products that you've provided us. Unfortunately, Bear succumbed to cancer recently but the kidney disease that we've battled for so long never interfered with his health, thanks to your products. His lab results looked better than they ever did and I'm convinced that it was due to your program and the impossible amount of love that he received while he was with us.

I'm forever indebted to Susan Blake Davis for turning her own experience with kidney disease into a wonderful healing program for other dogs to benefit from.

On a side note, Bear always loved to open the box to see which toy was hidden inside with his "vitamins". Thank you from the depths of my heart."

Claudine, New Jersey 2012


"About two years ago, I brought home my first kitten, Mia. At first, she was a playful bundle of energy, but then her health began to deteriorate. I noticed that Mia’s stomach was bloated and tight. She never seemed to be able to get comfortable, and she suffered from severe diarrhea and dehydration. We took her to four different veterinarians, even an Internal Medicine specialist. Mia was poked and prodded. She had blood tests, ultrasounds, and an expensive scoping procedure to get a biopsy of her small bowel. She was finally diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. After trying four different dry cat foods and a long list of medications with horrible side effects, we were still frustrated, and, worst of all, my kitten was still sick. We felt that the medications were a band-aid for a larger problem. We wanted a solution that would not only relieve her symptoms but one that would last. We finally decided to try a holistic approach. We did some research online and found Susan’s website. After a consultation with Susan, we were ready to try a combination of herbal remedies and a wet food diet. Susan suggested we try Nature’s Variety wet cat food. The results were quick. After making the dietary and supplement changes suggested by Susan, Mia’s bloating and diarrhea disappeared! She was more alert, hydrated, and she had a beautiful, shiny coat. Mia is now a healthy, active two-year-old cat. Thank you Susan and Nature’s Variety."

Stacie, California 2008


"Rocky, our 16 year old kitty, is doing quite well. At 15, he developed an allergy and we tried everything. However, after our consultation with Susan Davis and a process of elimination of different foods, we found that he was allergic to chicken. He does Notatum and Pro-Aller every night mixed in a very small amount of his high quality canned food. When he has an occasional flare-up of the Herpes virus, we alternate Notatum and Quentans at night -- still with the Pro-Aller. He is doing so well. People can't believe he is 16... one happy camper in Eastern, NC."

Deborah, North Carolina 2012


"In February 2007, our precious Rottweiler, Wyatt, was diagnosed with bone cancer. The lesion was on his left front wrist. The life expectancy was 2 to 6 months so we set out to help make Wyatt comfortable. Amputation was not an option for him. We went to a cancer specialist and got some great supplements. We went to an oncologist and she suggested a bone strengthener Pamidrinate that wouldn't cure him but might help with the pain and possibly retard the tumor a bit. She also suggested acupuncture and contacting Susan Davis for nutritional support.

Susan designed a terrific, high protein, balanced diet for Wyatt and helped us with his ongoing care. It was thorough, detailed and fit into our lives. She was always there if I had questions. Her knowledge and support were amazing.

Ch. Von Der Lors Wyatt Earp, CDX, RE, CGC, died on July 15, 2008. 17 MONTHS after his diagnosis and not from cancer. The cancer had progressed a bit, but still was contained in the area it had started. His oncologist, Dr. Rosenberg, said she could not ever remember seeing a dog do as well as Wyatt did without amputation. He walked 1/2 - 1 mile daily, swam often and had a full life up until 6 hours before we had to put him to sleep.

Wyatt was truly a miracle and Susan was part of that miracle. I know his diet played a huge part in his well-being and beating the odds. We will always be grateful to her for helping Wyatt live life to the fullest. Every single day he found something joyful to do."

Combs Family, California 2008


"Bella is our fourth and most sensitive golden. She developed chronic UTI's and yeast on her skin. We have always fed Bella premium dog food since she was a puppy. After many expensive tests, medications and possible surgery to correct her problems, we found Susan Davis. We have had nothing but good results. Susan directed us to better health and happiness for Bella with her knowledge and expertise. As my husband so simply put it, "She's fixed!!!!!" Thank you Susan."

Bick Family, California 2009


"I had tried several other brands of fish oil for my 3 year old Yorkie, Tango. His coat continued to look dry while using the other brands. I started using Amazing Omegas and seriously within a few DAYS noticed a new sheen and luster on his coat. I believe that the difference is the uncompromising quality of this product. The first time I opened the bottle, I immediately noticed the fresh smell of this oil. Tango’s groomer, who is an expert on canine coats, comments regularly about the health and beauty of his coat. We love this product and would highly recommend it."

Barber Family, California


"My name is Maverick and I am a 10 year old Miniature Pinscher Mix. My friends call me Ricky but I will come to just about anything if you have a tasty treat. You’d never know it from my sexy, studly stature, but I was once a very sick old man and nearly died from complications related to diabetes and obesity. Basically, I needed a complete overhaul from my bad eating habits of cheese, kibble, milk bones (large ones of course!), table scraps and anything else I could beg for. By the time my mom realized there was a problem (I started to drink lots of water and lose weight rapidly), I was in a very serious state of ketoacidosis and liver dysfunction. My mom knew that I had to give up my naughty habits to get me back on track.

My mom contacted Susan Davis, the nutritionist at VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital. We scheduled a consultation with her and at first, we weren’t sure if I was so far gone that anything would even help anymore. She gave us a diet, exercise regimen and supplements to help my diabetes and liver problems. We also met with Dr. Gordon, who carefully reviewed all my laboratory tests and worked with my veterinarian to regulate my insulin. Well, the diet, supplements and my daily romp at the dog park has made me a changed man. I went from a high of 26 pounds to 15 pounds and my veterinarian thinks that soon I may be able to come off the insulin. While I occasionally miss the old days of pigging out, I am such a hit with the ladies now that I don’t have time to think about it."

Maverick, California


"Bruiser had chronic yeast and skin problems. We had been to the veterinarian many times but the problem would just come back. We scheduled a consultation with Susan Davis and followed her dietary and supplement recommendations which included Olive Leaf Extract. Bruiser's yeast finally cleared up and I receive many compliments on how nice his coat looks. It was the best consultation fee I could have spent."

Genette, Hawaii


"Layla is a 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier who was diagnosed with pancreatitis in October of 2008. Our vet wanted Layla to be put on canned prescription formula to manage this and I knew I couldn't do that because I didn't agree with the ingredients in these foods. I talked to a friend who had used Susan in the past for her Yorkie with great success. Our vet was quite sure that Layla's issues could not be managed with a home cooked diet but we were determined to try. From the moment I talked to Susan in our first consultation, I knew that Layla was in good hands and that through her help, everything would be fine. Layla was put on a strict diet, along with Ask Ariel's LypoZyme and Power Probiotic. Layla's Spec numbers went from 740 (under 400 is considered normal) in October, down to 164 in February. Our family is beyond thankful to Susan and all that she has done to save our girl from a lifetime of horrible canned food. I recommend Susan to anyone I meet who is considering home cooking or who is dealing with a dog with health issues. I just can't say enough about how knowledgeable Susan is and how deeply she cares."

Pluss Family, Canada 2009


"Smokey (8 years old) said that he wanted to thank you all for his Colostrum For Pets. To help him with the stomatitis, we sprinkle Colostrum For Pets in a little ham baby food with some spring water. He literally licks it up and it helps to coat his gums and he is one satisfied baby. Rocky (16 years old) enjoys it as well and it helps his immune system. Wonderful Product!"

Deborah, North Carolina


"Just want to thank you so much for helping our kitty, Jessie with her IBD. She is so much better, playing with her toys and our other cat, Romeo. The Notatum and Power Probiotic really worked! I give them to her as a bedtime snack. We are so grateful that we have our Jessie back."

Elaine, Florida

Molly Marie

"Molly Marie, our kitty, was very sick and had fleas, ear mites and hot spots when we rescued her. We took her to the vet numerous times and she was treated with antibiotics and steroids that proved to be unsuccessful. We had blood work done and determined that she had a staph infection on the hot spots as well as an infection in her pancreas and a UTI, too. She once again took antibiotics and everything healed except the hot spots, which by this time had become a lot worse with the largest one being the size of a lemon. I tried organic shampoo, sprays and creams—nothing worked.

I consulted AskAriel and based on Susan’s recommendation, I changed her food and used the Pet Skin Package and I am so happy to report that Molly is on the mend. She is almost totally healed. Her largest spot is now the size of a dime and she is eating well and starting to gain some weight. Molly's hair is starting to grow back and her coat is very soft. I don't know what we would have done if not for Susan, her staff and her amazing products. My family and I thank her and most of all, Molly thanks her as she is getting better every day. Thank you Susan for all of your help and for how much you care about our little animals."

Shelley, Pennsylvania


"Cookie is my senior cocker spaniel/dachshund mix rescued a few years ago. Just over a year ago, she had a malignant mammary tumor removed and it was suggested that she have chemotherapy immediately thereafter so it wouldn't come back. Instead, I did some research for alternatives, found Ask Ariel, and then decided to try the OncoPet and Immune Harmony cancer package. It is obvious that Cookie's health only got better from that point on and I am grateful to Susan Davis for her advice and fabulous products! Cookie also benefits from Phosphatidyl Serine for her Cushing's Disease, Amazing Omegas, and Power Probiotic.

Thanks also to the Ask Ariel team for superb customer service and fabulous bonus gifts. It is clear that you all care very much about your customers and their furbabies! Thanks again!!"

Gina, Florida 2011


"Sophie, our sweet boxer, is now 14 years old. Boxers generally only live 8 - 10 years. Thanks to Ask Ariel's diet and supplement program, Sophie is going strong physically and mentally. As many senior dogs do, Sophie had developed pancreatitis and was having digestive issues; she did not want to eat. Susan Davis, Ask Ariel Nutritionist, formulated a low fat diet for Sophie and recommended using the supplements, K9 Digestive Enzymes and LypoZyme. Sophie no longer has pancreatitis and she is back to chowing down her meals.

As Sophie got older, she started to bark and bark for no reason. It seemed like she had dementia which affects some senior dogs. She appeared to not even know that she was barking. Susan recommended the supplement Brain Vitale for healthy brain function and we got our Sophie back. She is once again playing with our other boxer and the barking has stopped. We would not have our Sophie with us today if it wasn't for Ask Ariel's diet and supplements."


"Murphy was diagnosed with Stromal Sarcoma after a tumor on her spleen was discovered (which was removed through surgery) & was given 3 months (tops) to live. The vet told us to not even bother with chemo or radiation. This all happened in early August of '06. We contacted Susan Davis and did a consultation. She gave us a special cancer diet for Murphy and a supplement protocol (OncoPet and other products) based on her symptoms and type of cancer. It is now the end of April 2007 and Murphy is doing very well. She just celebrated her 8th birthday in March and still has tons of energy & is so lovable. It is almost as if she knows every day is a gift. Thank you for all your care and concern. Murphy sends her love :)"

Gina, New York

Update Sept. 2009--Murphy is still alive and was featured in February 2009 Dog Fancy Magazine!

Update April 2012------Murphy is still hiking and happy! (6 years after diagnosis)


"Oliver was getting chronic UTIs and we tried many rounds of antibiotics. We used the Akutur along with Power Probiotic and Notatum. This really seemed to help stop the cycle of nonstop infections. Ollie has gone 6 months without an infection. Whenever he shows signs that he might be getting another one, we immediately start him on the Akutur and Notatum and it works right away."

Lynette, California 2010


"Happy New Year! Thank you for keeping our Labrador Stanley well. He just celebrated his 9th Birthday! After his cancer diagnosis in early September, we all wondered if he would be here for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then his birthday. He has not seen his general vet or specialist since his diagnosis. We attribute his wellness to your products! YOU have BLESSED us immensely! Each time we receive an order from you, somehow Stanley knows "his ladies from California have sent him a package." Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you!"

Jodi, Pennsylvania 2011


"My name is Gunnar. Here I am at my 16th birthday party having a blast. My mom did a consultation with Susan Davis and I am feeling so much better. I currently take SAMe and LypoZyme, which are pills that help the liver. Since I have been on these pills, I have been feeling really great. My appetite increased and I have a lot more energy. My mom says that without these great products, I wouldn't be here and both of us highly recommend them!"

Gunnar, Oregon 2007


"Our dog Bleu is 8 years old and very active. Recently, we noticed he was really slowing down, seemed stiff and overall less agile. He stopped jumping on our bed and seemed to be much less spry. He also had an episode where he was crying out about his neck following a day of playing with his friends. We gave Bleu ArthroSoothe and noticed improvement within a few days (He already was using the Amazing Omegas which has helped his coat and allergies tremendously). But, when upon adding the Curcumin for Pets--wow--what a difference in energy. Our bouncy boy Bleu is back! We have heard similar stories about cats with inflamed, swollen limbs. We hope your pet will show the bounce and energy that we have experienced."

Davis Family, California


"Tootsie was a stray who came into our local shelter. I brought her home to foster her for Internet MinPin Service a year ago. She was somewhere around 10 years old at the time. She apparently had had injuries to her back legs. There was little muscle tone and she could barely walk, often holding one leg up as she tried. I started her on a glucosamine/chondroitin preparation but saw little progress. Three months later someone told me about Ask Ariel products and I purchased the ArthroSoothe and started her on that. She made amazing progress. Within a month she was able to use the leg that previously she had not walked on. A couple months later she was able to go at a fast walk and a few more months and she could trot. Six months after starting the ArthroSoothe she was able to actually run. Today you would never know that her back legs had been so bad. She has good muscle tone, runs, uses steps, and never has any more discomfort."

Jean, North Carolina


"I am writing this testimonial so that others like me who are very hesitant to follow instructions from someone (I didn't even know) on the internet can help their dog. Sophie had recurrent urinary tract infections that became resistant to antibiotics. As a result of the large amount of antibiotics, she started to have digestive and itching issues. After two different vets, with multiple visits, costing lots of money and no improvement, I was extremely frustrated.

After much internet research, I came upon Susan Davis, the nutritionist at Ask Ariel, someone who took the time to explain the importance of proper nutrition for dogs and the extreme role that it plays in their health. I must admit that I was hesitant as first as I looked at the cost of some of the natural supplements and food changes. However, when comparing it to the continuing veterinary bills and medication, it ends up to be less expensive. But more importantly, I was able to stop the cycle of ill health (UTI'S, digestive etc) and Sophie was so much happier and healthier! Susan not only gives you solid advice on how to help your pet feel better but truly cares about you (the owner) and the dog as you can feel it in her compassionate way of discussing the nutritional plan that she sees fit for your particular situation. I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I would highly recommend her and the Ask Ariel supplements."

Sandy, California


"I am writing to thank you for your site and products. On New Year's Eve, I took my 18 month chihuahua Loki to the vet. He had not been eating, was sleeping all the time and was losing weight. He only weighs 2.5 lbs and could not afford to lose weight. I was told by the vet that he had renal failure and would not live long as the treatment and/or dialysis for him would be very expensive. I was heartbroken to say the least. I began to search the internet to try to find something that could help my baby. There was your site, I ordered the kidney supplements and I am happy to say that Loki is back to normal. Eating, playing with his sister, running around the house just as if he had never been sick. Thank you so much for the work you do."

Ruth, Michigan


"I ordered herbs for Ranger, my 14 year old cat, on Friday Jan 29th, 2010. To my great surprise, they arrived here in Upstate NY on Monday Feb 1st! Ranger, my kitty was near death. She hid to sleep constantly. Usually cats hide to die. She was in really bad shape. I had one cat die of liver disease and two others from renal failure. Ranger is my third cat with renal failure so I know how they act before they die.

Anyhow, Ranger was near death on Feb 1st when your supplements arrived. I gave them to her but assumed she was probably too far gone by this time and I was kicking myself for having waited too long. However, after 3 or 4 days, she started eating more, was more alert, sleeping less and feeling so much better.

I know she isn't cured...but your supplements are giving her more quality time with me. For that, I am truly grateful. I know she is 14 but I can possibly see that if she stays the same as she is now, maybe she will be around a while more. THANK YOU!!!!!"

Daniel, New York

Archie & Noonie

"I would like to thank Susan Davis for all of her knowledge and expertise in nutrition and diet. My Archie and Noonie would not be here today if I hadn't found her! Through her instruction, we have corrected the heart problem Archie had and the kidney problem Noonie had. My vet is amazed and to me, it is no less than a miracle! Susan has taught me how to keep them healthy and happy in their "golden years". Thank you."

Underwood Family, Texas


"In April 2008, our 10-year-old dog, Teddy, a Chow Chow rescue, was diagnosed with a liver tumor. Our vet did not know if it was cancer at the time. As Teddy’s tumor grew, he was able to be tested, and cancer was confirmed. We were told he was too old for conventional treatment and, as his cancer progressed, to simply keep him comfortable. The vet had no hope for his recovery.

Our family decided to treat Teddy’s condition with a holistic approach. We found Susan Davis through her website. We scheduled a phone consult, and the surprising results began. Susan customized a diet and supplement plan for Teddy, and we saw a marked difference in just two weeks. His overall health continued to improve.

We chose to have Teddy living with cancer instead of dying with cancer. He lost his brave battle on January 8, 2010. Teddy’s vet felt it was a miracle that he survived for so long. Our family knows that it was a miracle, thanks to Susan. We were blessed to have found her. She made it possible for us to have extended time with our wonderful Teddy.

Susan and her team are professional, well-informed, caring, and most responsive. The ability to consult with Susan by phone and e-mail is extremely convenient. We highly recommend her services, particularly when pets are young, to start them off on a healthy, all-natural diet."

Nardoni Family, California


"My dog Marco was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. I have been giving him suppleemnts which really seem to help. However, one of his symptoms is constant coughing. It is so horrible to see him suffer. The ApoTuss and ApoPulm helped him so much. I can't believe that it completely stopped his coughing. We previously had tried some coughing medication from the veterinarian and Marco was still coughing. Thank you so much for helping Marco feel better!"

Karen, California 2010


"Just wanted to thank you. Our 4 year old Selkirk Rex, Zin, was adopted through a rescue when he was 2. He was recently diagnosed with the Herpes Virus; which explained a lot of his illnesses since we have had him. Two months ago, he became ill with a really bad cold; he could hardly breathe and soon stopped eating and drinking. We took him to two Vets, both tried hard to help him with antibiotics and antihistamines; but he still was suffering. I found your website and ordered the Quentans and the Notatum drops and gave them to him daily. He is now almost back to his normal little self and we are so grateful! He is eating and drinking. He even jumped his little brother tonight! His breathing is pretty much normal now for his flat little nose. Thanks again for helping our Zin!"

Olson Family, Virginia 2013


"Thank you for the amazing supplements you provide. We see a tremendous improvement in the lives of all our cats and dogs! They have more energy and are far healthier. Subsequently we spend a lot less time at the veterinary office. With your supplements we are looking forward to having our babies with us for many more years! The picture attached is of my Lab mix Julie. Just shy of her 3rd birthday, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. The day after the test came back we went online to email you guys about her condition. We bought everything that was recommended and a year later we've been seizure free and have seen a remarkable improvement in her attitude and energy. She is taking her Dog Brain Booster, Purrfect Pet CoQ10, Curcumin, EFA oils, and probiotics daily. She is only 3 years old and is the sweetest girl! Thank you for giving me many more healthy years with her!"

Malena, Hawaii 2014