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QuentaSAN Anti-Viral, Anti-Infection Formula
QuentaSAN Anti-Viral, Anti-Infection Formula

The Master Remedy For Viruses And Chronic Infections (When Used with NotaSAN)

QuentaSAN Drops Can Be Purchased Separately Or In The Immune Support Kit


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QuentaSAN Anti-Viral/Anti-Infection Formula (30 capsules per bottle) or QuentaSAN 10 ML Drops

NOTE: Pets under 20 pounds can use capsules but powder (in the capsule) needs to be mixed with water

QuentaSAN is a powerful anti-viral, anti-infection formula. Use with NotaSAN drops on alternate nights to fight viruses, infection and boost your pet's immune system. Sometimes pets and people may have tried antibiotics and a full range of remedies with no success. QuentaSAN (when combined with NotaSAN) can work synergistically together to bring real results to resolving chronic infections, especially viral infections.

Helpful For: inflamed membranes (e.g. nasal passages, sinuses, urinary tract lining, lungs, mouth), red bumps on the skin, sores on the mouth (e.g. feline rodent ulcers or canine viral papilloma), Feline AIDS and herpes, chronic viral infections (ex: FIV), upper respiratory infections, stomatitis, canine viral papilloma, canine flu, kennel cough, Lyme disease, Pillow Paw, bronchitis, asthma

QuentaSAN drops are very effective for feline viruses such as feline AIDs, FIV, FeLV and herpes. Also, very helpful for chronic conditions such as Pillow Paw, stomatitis, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections. These gentle drops or capsules (pets over 20 lbs) help to repair the immune system and fight off the viral infection. With conventional veterinary medicine, there are very limited treatment options for viral infections. Antibiotics are used to control bacterial infections that may arise but the virus still remains strong. What is so helpful about QuentaSAN is that it helps strengthen your pet's immune system to fight the virus itself. For example, QuentaSAN and NotaSAN have been used with cats that have eosinophilic granulomas (rodent ulcers) as a way to modulate and support the cat's immune system. Immune Harmony, a supplement specifically for autoimmune conditions, when combine with NotaSAN and QuentaSAN drops can greatly reduce the effect of these viruses (and/or symptoms of autoimmune conditions such as stomatitis) on cats.

We strongly recommend using this product, along with NotaSAN, to optimize the synergistic effects of reducing inflammation and infection at the same time. Pets with chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs) are benefited by using the combination of QuentaSAN and NotaSAN working together to help repair the inflamed, membrane lining. All cats and dogs with viral infections should take
Power Probiotic as it provides live friendly bacteria to the intestinal tract which enhances the pet's immune system. Also, many pets that have had long-term viral infections have often taken rounds of antibiotics which can deplete the body's essential supply of good bacteria. QuentaSAN is sold by itself or along with NotaSAN and Silver Immune in the Immune Support Kit.

Drops Ingredients: 10 ml Penicillium frequentans 4x in a base of purified water, .09g sodium chloride, .01g potassium sorbate

Capsules Ingredients:
255 mg Penicillium frequetans 4X Inactive ingredients: lactose and beet oil