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QUENT Anti-Viral, Anti-Infection Drops

QUENT Anti-Viral, Anti-Infection Drops

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  • Natural Homeopathic Remedy For Cats & Dogs With Viruses And Chronic Infections
  • Helpful for Feline Viruses, Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs), Kennel Cough, Canine Viral Papilloma, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Asthma And More
  • Use with NOT For Best Results
  • Helps Resolve Long-Term Symptoms Related To Chronic Viral Infections
  • Targets The Sinuses, Upper Respiratory Tract And Nasal Passages
  • Aids Resistance After Exposure To Viruses

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to supply chain issues, you may receive either QUENT Drops OR QuentaSAN Drops. The products are interchangeable.


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QUENT Anti-Viral 10 ML Drops

Use NOT along with QUENT for chronic infections, viruses and autoimmune conditions.

What Is QUENT (and/or QuentaSAN)?

QUENT is a special homeopathic remedy that naturally supports your pet's immune system. These tasteless drops strengthen the immune system in both active and chronic viral conditions. With conventional veterinary medicine, there are very limited treatment options for viral infections. Antibiotics are used to control bacterial infections that may arise but the virus still remains strong. What is so helpful about QUENT Drops is that they may help strengthen your pet's immune system to fight the virus itself. Many pets have lingering symptoms long after the initial viral exposure. QUENT helps your pet to recover from long-term symptoms associated with chronic viral infections. QUENT also aids resistance after exposure to viruses making it ideal to use for pets after they have been vaccinated.

QUENT Is Helpful For:

Viral Illness Support: Infections caused by viruses cause an acute response and live within a host for a limited time. In some cases the effects of the infection, and presence of the virus itself, can continue long-term and may flare-up. Chronic viral infections can weaken the immune system and leave your pet susceptible to other infections and disease. Examples of viral illnesses are Feline Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs), Feline Viruses such as Feline AIDS or FIV, Feline Herpes Virus 1 (FHV-1), Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Kennel Cough, Bronchitis and Feline Calicivirus.

  • Feline Calicivirus Feline Calicivirus is a common viral infection that affects the respiratory tract, mouth, intestines and musculoskeletal system of cats. The virus is extremely contagious to other cats and can live for up to a week on items, so it is very important to disinfect the environment to protect other cats. The most common symptoms are sneezing, congestion, conjunctivitis and ulcers in the cat’s mouth and on the lips and nose. Your cat's inability to smell and the painful ulcers may inhibit them from wanting to eat. Some cats may remain carriers of the virus and have episodes of shedding viruses through their life.

  • Feline Viruses Feline viruses are contagious viral infections. Some cats become ill immediately upon contracting the virus, while other cats do not show symptoms for several weeks or even years. They are often characterized by flare-ups of nasal discharge, sneezing and vomiting. They can compromise and weaken a cat’s immune system.

"Our cats came to us many different ways, mostly, when we lived in the Florida Keys for 14 years. When we moved to Gainesville, Florida, we brought our colony of 24 cats with us, because they are our family… I have been using the Ask Ariel Immune Support Kit on several kitties now for awhile (along with other products). It has drastically helped with many issues. I found that when I took some of them off this on a daily basis they reverted back to being very sick and problematic. Once on this combo again for a month, they are clearing up. Thanks for offering such amazing products." - Eve, Pay-To-Spay, Inc., Florida

Respiratory Conditions: Respiratory conditions affect the lungs and airways and can make it hard for your pet to breath normally. They can feel sniffly, tired or worse. Examples of respiratory conditions are Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs), canine flu, kennel cough, bronchitis, asthma, inflamed membranes (nasal passages, sinuses, lungs, mouth), lung cancer, sinus infections.

  • Respiratory Infections QUENT Drops target the lungs and upper respiratory system and seem to be especially helpful for lung-related health issues, including chronic URIs, canine flu, kennel cough, bronchitis and sinus infections.

  • Asthma During an asthma attack, the passageways in your cat's lungs become inflamed and constricted making it very hard for your cat to breathe. QUENT Drops work best when combined with NOT Drops to synergistically control inflammation in the lungs and airways. Please note that natural remedies for feline asthma are not meant to be a substitute for conventional veterinary treatments.

Chronic Autoimmune Diseases: With autoimmune diseases, the body's immune system attacks healthy cells. These conditions can be managed, but not cured. Examples of autoimmune diseases in pets are Stomatitis and Pillow Paw.

  • Stomatitis Lymphocytic Plasmacytic Stomatitis is an autoimmune inflammatory condition where a cat's mouth develops a hypersensitivity to bacterial plaque, essentially an allergic reaction to the tooth plaque. The cat's body attacks its own tissues and it is very painful, as your cat may have inflamed gums, mouth sores or ulcers and bleeding gums.

  • Pillow Paw Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis, often called “pillow foot” or “pillow paw”, is an autoimmune condition in which severe inflammation develops on the foot pads of a cat. The cat’s body produces excess plasma and the padding of the paw becomes soft, swollen and inflamed. The paw can appear bruised and can split open in severe cases.

Mouth Sores

  • Feline Rodent Ulcers Feline Rodent Ulcers (also known has eosinophilic granuloma) is a non-contagious condition, unique to cats, where open sores and ulcers develop in the mouth. Many cats will have flare-ups when exposed to allergens or stress.

  • Canine Viral Papilloma Canine oral papillomas or viral warts are small benign tumors that appear as a bump on the lips, gums, or mouth of dogs (usually under age 2). They are caused by the papilloma virus and are contagious from dog to dog (but not dog to human) by direct contact (greeting each other, sharing toys, or eating/drinking from the same bowl).

Post-Exposure To Viruses: When pets are vaccinated, most are given modified live virus (MLV) vaccines. These stimulate immunity better than killed viruses. MLV vaccines can be shed in urine and stool for up to 4 weeks after vaccination. This can expose other pets to the actual disease. Cats or dogs with social lifestyles, especially those that participate in group events (like doggie day care) or those that are housed in communal facilities (boarding kennels, shelters, veterinary clinics, grooming parlors) are at a higher risk of being exposed to viruses. QUENT aids resistance, so is helpful to use post-vaccination, in multi-pet households following exposure and after exposure due to daycare or boarding.


"Stripe is an amazing cat. Ever since a kitten, Stripe had it rough! He nearly died when he was a month old, he was gravely ill out of nowhere. Fast forward a couple of years, I noticed him throwing up and screaming. I took him to the vets and he was diagnosed with stomatitis! Well, I didn't know what stomatitis was, so I researched and got meds. Stripe was still ill, so I took him to the humane society where he was diagnosed with FIV. I freaked out, but nevertheless he's my son, so I thought we have a fight in hand. Stripe and I have been through a lot and I wholeheartedly love him, so I vowed never to give up and then I found Ask Ariel which has been a life saver for my handsome fur baby." - Turhan, Florida

Stripe uses Power Probiotic and QUENT Drops.

QUENT Is Available For Individual Purchase
OR As Part Of The Immune Support Kit

Immune Support Kit

The Immune Support Kit is an effective, easy to use home remedy for dogs and cats with viral illnesses and autoimmune conditions. Contains three tasteless, natural liquid supplements. These three remedies deliver fast relief for your pet's symptoms and are easy to administer. They help modulate and support your pet's natural immune response rather than overstimulating it the way many supplements can.

NOT Drops - Natural homeopathic drops that fight infection and support your pet's immune system. Controls harmful bacteria and restores gut flora balance, improving digestive symptoms and immune function. The drops are gentle, easy to administer and safe for long-term use.

QUENT Drops - Natural homeopathic drops that fight viruses and infection, especially targeting the lung and upper respiratory system. Using NOT Drops and QUENT Drops together is very effective in treating autoimmune diseases and underlying viruses in pets.

Silver Immune Support - Silver Immune Support is an all-natural, easy to use liquid remedy to help your pet recover from a bacterial infection or viral flare-up. It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial and well tolerated even by tiny pets.

QUENT Drops Ingredients:
10 ml Penicillium frequentans 4x in a base of purified water, sodium chloride

Note: Please do not confuse allergies to the drug penicillin to the homeopathic ingredients found in QUENT Drops. They are not the same and we have had no reported side effects from this product even on the most allergic pets.

This remedy is FDA-listed and produced under strict cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. These rigorous standards are applied throughout the production process. The FDA inspects the factory where it is produced and each batch is tested for quality, safety and purity. Imported from Canada.