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Ultra-Flex Collagen For Dogs & Cats

Collagen For Dogs

  • Natural "Whole-Food" Collagen Supplement for Dogs and Cats Builds Cartilage, Joint And Connective Tissue

  • Backed By Research--Relieves Joint Pain and Discomfort, Strengthens and Repairs

  • Treatment for Collapsed Trachea In Dogs & Pets With Mobility Issues

  • Supports a Healthy GI Tract by Strengthening Connective Tissue

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Collagen For Dogs & Cats

30 capsules

Ask Ariel's Ultra-Flex Collagen for dogs and cats is a natural, “whole-food” supplement that is tasteless and easy to administer. Just sprinkle on your pet’s food - one dose a day is all that is needed to give your cat or dog the benefits of collagen. The ingredients are backed by extensive research and clinical trials.

Note: Our collagen supplement for dogs and cats provides a two- to four-month supply for pets under 35 pounds, depending upon weight and a one-month supply for dogs over 35 pounds. If you have a pet under 35 pounds, capsules will need to be opened in order to mix the powder into food.

Collagen For Dogs & Cats: What Are The Benefits?

Collagen is a structural protein found in the bones, muscles, skin, tendons, and digestive tract of your pet. It is the “cellular glue” that holds the body together. Natural collagen production declines as your pet ages, which can lead to decreased elasticity and stability in the joints, muscles and connective tissue. Collagen supplements for dogs and cats can also be used to aid in recovery and repair of bones, tendons and ligaments in pets that have suffered injuries.

The key ingredient in Ultra-Flex Collagen for dogs and cats is NEM® brand eggshell membrane - a safe, all-natural whole-food source containing three varieties of collagen, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) such as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and enzymes, which support joints and connective tissue. Ultra-Flex Collagen for dogs and cats contains key enzymes for enhanced absorption and bioavailability.

The benefits of collagen supplements for dogs and cats may help:

Supports Joint Health & Strengthens Cartilage

One of the most difficult things to watch is your dog or cat not being able to run or play like they used to because of arthritis or pain. Age-related joint and soft tissue pain is something that most dogs and cats will experience during their senior years. Around 80% of your pet’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments are made up of collagen and it is crucial in keeping these connective tissues flexible. With aging, collagen production decreases and this can play a major role in arthritis and joint pain. As collagen is depleted, the protein connections weaken and this can make your pet more susceptible to tendon and ligament injuries such as torn cruciate ligaments, luxating patella, and elbow and hip dysplasia. Collagen supplementation can help maintain connective tissue health, improve mobility in pets and provide pain relief for cats with arthritis or dogs with arthritis.

Ultra-Flex Collagen provides nutritional support to the bones and joints to repair existing joint damage and to help prevent further damage. It helps to repair the cartilage and connective tissue on a cellular level and helps to reduce inflammation and pain. Recent scientific studies show that collagen from NEM® eggshell membrane is a viable therapeutic option for the management of the pain and loss of function associated with suboptimal joint function in dogs.*

Cartilage is the flexible tissue that provides cushioning between the bones and joints. It also makes up the vertebral discs and bronchial tubes. Cartilage is made of glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, collagen and elastin. Our Ultra-Flex Collagen is made with NEM® eggshell membranes. They naturally contain many of the same key nutrients found in healthy joint cartilage:

  • Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are used in the body as shock absorbers and lubricants. Glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid are commonly utilized as individual arthritis and joint support supplements for pets. They provide support for joint mobility, healthy lubrication and promote cartilage synthesis.
  • Proteoglycans are proteins that occur in connective tissue and the extracellular matrix – the fibrous substance that provides structural and biochemical support between cells.
  • Collagen is the building block of your pet’s joints, bones, cartilage, blood vessels and connective tissues. Also helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Elastin gives elasticity to tissues, allowing them to stretch and retract. Provides support in the skin, lungs and spine, as these tissues contain high amounts of elastins.

Ultra-Flex Collagen can be added to your pet’s diet as a preventative when they are young to help keep their joints and soft tissue strong. Collagen offers support for dogs with panosteitis, a painful bone condition marked by inflammation in the long bones of the limbs. This condition predominantly affects young, large-breed dogs, causing intermittent lameness and discomfort. Since collagen is a key structural protein in bones and connective tissues, adding supplemental collagen may help alleviate the symptoms of panosteitis, reducing inflammation and supporting the healing process within affected bones.

Ultra-Flex Collagen is an excellent choice for pets that have allergies to the shellfish found in glucosamine or those that are especially picky about herbal formulas. If your pet is taking ArthroStride, Adequan injections or another glucosamine remedy, Ultra-Flex will work synergistically to promote joint repair, increase mobility and reduce joint degeneration.

*Reference: Effectiveness of NEM® brand eggshell membrane in the treatment of suboptimal joint function in dogs: a multicenter, randomzed, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Vet Med (Auckl). 2016; 7: 113–121. Published online 2016 Aug 18.


"Our 7 year old Pudlepointer Ember suffered a devastating leg injury 2 years ago. She suffered a committed fracture which required multiple surgeries and plating if her leg. Her vet recommended several supplements and we even tried injections to reduce her pain and limping. I turned to Ask Ariel for advice and started Ember on Ultra-Flex and ArthroSoothe. Within two weeks, she had completely stopped limping and was running like the wind! She was doing so well, when the supplements ran out, we didn't bother to refill. Fast forward a few months and the poor dog is limping again with no initiating incident. We put Ember back on ArthroSoothe and Ultra-Flex and it worked even faster this time! No more going off supplements, thank you for helping our dear, sweet Ember ❤" - Lynette, California

Effective Treatment For Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

Ultra-Flex Collagen has been one of Ask Ariel’s most effective tracheal collapse supplements. Eggshell membrane for collapsed trachea strengthens the rings of cartilage over time. Collapsed trachea is characterized by dogs hacking, coughing (often sounds like "honking") and gasping for air. This natural tracheal collapse supplement will help strengthen the trachea cartilage, reducing symptoms over time. It works best when used in conjunction with Amazing Omegas, Purrfect Pet CoQ10, Power Probiotic and LypoZyme. Collapsed trachea is aggravated by poor digestion and inflammation. Our collapsed trachea treatment includes important diet changes along with digestive supplements (LypoZyme and Power Probiotic), since food allergies and poor digestion increase inflammation and irritate the esophagus, which can make coughing and hacking worse.

Ultra-Flex Collagen is also helpful for dogs with laryngeal paralysis and GOLPP. With these conditions, the laryngeal cartilage no longer functions normally and breathing is restricted. Supporting and strengthening the connective tissue may delay the need for surgery and reduce symptoms.


"My Brody is doing wonderful with no trachea cough/gagging since I started him on your supplements! My Brody Bear is one happy boy!!" - Tammi, Florida

Products Used: Ultra-Flex Collagen, Amazing Omegas, Purrfect Pet CoQ10


"This is Buster, adopted from my local shelter 6 years ago. He has a collapsing trachea, so I’ve been giving him Ultra-Flex Collagen, Soothing Digestive Relief, Gastro-ULC and Power Probiotic for about the last 6 months. He has had great relief from his symptoms and the vet said his breathing sounds better than it did 6 months ago! His intermittent diarrhea is no longer a problem either...I’m very pleased with how well these products are supporting Buster’s health. Buster also uses Lypozyme for his digestion and collapsing trachea; he is doing so much better since we started with these products!" - Marti, Wyoming

Helps Digestion & Supports a Healthy Intestinal Lining

Many illnesses can be traced back to inflammation and irritations within the digestive tract that can lead to health conditions such as IBD, acid reflux, colitis and even autoimmune disease. Improving digestion to reduce inflammation and increase the proper absorption of nutrients is the key to good health.

Collagen aids in digestion by breaking down proteins and it can help repair and soothe the gut lining. Collagen can strengthen the connective tissue in your pet's intestinal lining and reduce permeability. Collagen has a high glycine content. Glycine is an amino acid that helps to break down fat, strengthens the integrity of the intestinal wall and can bind with toxic substances to help excrete them from the body.

Ultra-Flex Collagen supports a healthy GI tract by strengthening the connective tissue in your pet's intestinal lining. Use it with Power Probiotic to improve digestion, absorption, immunity and your pet's overall well-being.

Promotes Skin Health and a Healthy Coat

The skin and coat are crucial to the health of your pet. Dry skin or brittle fur can signal a serious health condition, such as thyroid disorders or kidney and liver disease. The skin and coat system is actually the largest organ in dogs and cats. The dermis layer of the skin contains blood vessels, hair follicles, and glands that help to regulate skin and body temperature. Collagen makes up the majority of the protein in your pet’s skin. A healthy dermis layer will provide strength and flexibility for the skin and will help to maintain skin elasticity, a soft, shiny coat, and strong, powerful nails. Ultra-Flex Collagen can help to improve skin, fur and nail health. If your cat or dog suffers from itchy, dry skin or cracked nails, adding Amazing Omegas can help keep the dermis healthy and promote coat and nail wellness.

Dr. Adam Lassin, Holistic Veterinarian

Ultra-Flex Collagen for Pets was tested by Dr. Adam Lassin on his own cats. Neither Zaria or Gianna objected to the taste of the powder inside of the capsule, and they gave Ultra-Flex a purrfectly pawsitive seal of approval!

Ultra-Flex Collagen Product Details

Ultra-Flex Collagen for Pets Ingredients (1 capsule):

  • NEM® brand eggshell membrane 500 mg
  • Lipase (250 FIP) 25 mg
  • Protease Blend (Protease and Peptidase)(68,750 HUT) 175mg
  • Other ingredients: Beet Root Fiber, Cellulose and Water

Made in the USA

Important: Contains eggshells. Not recommended for pets with an egg allergy.

NOTE ABOUT DOSAGE: For small pets, the Ultra-Flex Collagen capsules will need to be opened and divided for administration. If you have difficulty opening capsules, please keep this in mind before ordering.

Ultra-Flex Collagen for Pets is made using the highest quality enzymes and ingredients and is manufactured under strict cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. These rigorous standards are applied throughout the production process, from the sourcing of the raw materials and the strict control of the production environment to the analytical tests essential to ensuring quality, safety and reliability. Ultra-Flex Collagen for Pets is manufactured with a certificate of analysis guaranteeing potency and purity. Ultra-Flex Collagen for Pets is all-natural and does not contain fillers.

NEM® brand eggshell membrane is a natural, food-based source of glucosamine and chondroitin that contains key bioactive proteins such as collagen, which have been shown to support joint comfort and flexibility. Using an all-natural, patented process, the eggshells and their attached membranes are separated from each other. The isolated membrane is then partially hydrolyzed and dry-blended to produce 100 percent pure eggshell membrane powder. NEM® is manufactured in the USA within FDA-inspected, NSF-certified GMP facilities using an environmentally friendly patented manufacturing process. Every lot of NEM® undergoes "release" testing which includes; verifying it is low in toxic heavy metals and ensuring it is free from pathogenic bacteria.

Protease Blend - These enzymes help reduce inflammation and support muscular health while increasing the bioavailability of amino acids.

Lipase - The lipase enzymes help break down and utilize the fats in the eggshell membrane for improved tissue absorption.

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"Our lil boy, Jaspurr, is doing amazing with his supplements from you (Ultra-Flex Collagen, Power Probiotic, Soothing Digestive Relief) and his diet changes for his IBD. At 17 yrs and 9 months old, he still runs around and plays with his two brothers, Bailey (7.5 yrs old) and Tinker (2.7 yrs old). I switched them all to grain free/gluten free foods and Power Probiotic and they are just great." - Joyce & Bob, Pennsylvania

Chip & Princess

"Here is a picture of our two Italian Greyhounds Chip (on the left) and Princess who are nearly 12 years old. Chip has collapsed trachea but we have been giving him Ultra-Flex Collagen Support consistently for over a year which has helped calm the horrible, honking cough he had previously. He still has days when he coughs but it is no longer the coughing that sounds like a goose." - Sharon, Virginia

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