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Ultra-Flex Collagen For Pets
Collagen For Pets


  • Natural "Whole-Food" Collagen Supplement for Dogs and Cats Builds Cartilage, Joint And Connective Tissue
  • Backed By Research--Relieves Joint Pain and Discomfort, Strengthens and Repairs
  • Treatment for Collapsed Trachea In Dogs & Pets With Mobility Issues
  • Supports a Healthy GI Tract by Strengthening Connective Tissue


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Ultra-Flex Collagen for Dogs & Cats

30 capsules

A small sprinkle from the capsule goes a long way! The bottle provides a two- to four-month supply for pets under 35 pounds, depending upon weight and a one-month supply for dogs over 35 pounds. Mix into your pet’s food or give as a capsule.
Note: If you have a pet under 35 pounds, capsules will need to be opened in order to mix the powder into food.

Indicated For:
Cats and dogs needing joint support, dogs with collapsed trachea, pets with ACL tears, canine and feline arthritis, pets with malabsorption and digestive issues, pets with soft tissue injuries, pets allergic to glucosamine. Effective tracheal collapse supplement. Can be used as a cat or dog joint pain home remedy.

Easy Administration - One dose a day is all you need to give your pet powerful joint support.

Exceptional Pet Supplement for Mobility and Joint Support; Strengthens Cartilage and Connective Tissue

  • Gentle formula—well tolerated, tasteless and easy to administer
  • Strengthens cartilage (e.g. trachea) and supports joint health
  • Ingredients backed by clinical trials and extensive research
  • Works synergistically with your favorite glucosamine remedy
  • Tested by a holistic veterinarian on his own cats!
  • Unique, simple formula containing food-sourced ingredients + enzymes
  • Supports a healthy GI tract with amino acids that strengthen the connective tissue in your pet's intestinal lining
  • Excellent choice for pets allergic to glucosamine or especially picky about herbal formulas

The key ingredient in Ultra-Flex Collagen for dogs and cats is NEM® brand eggshell membrane, which contains compounds beneficial for keeping joint cartilage healthy and shock-absorbent. NEM is a safe, all-natural whole-food source containing collagen, glycosaminoglycans such as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and enzymes, which support joints and connective tissue as well as provide pain relief for cats with arthritis or dogs with arthritis.Connective tissue is the "cellular glue" that gives your pet's skeletal tissues their shape and helps keep them strong. Ultra-Flex Collagen for dogs and cats contains key enzymes for enhanced absorption and bioavailability.

Dr. Adam Lassin, Holistic Veterinarian

Ultra-Flex Collagen for Pets was tested by Dr. Adam Lassin on his own cats. Neither Zaria or Gianna objected to the taste of the powder inside of the capsule, and they gave Ultra-Flex a purrfectly pawsitive seal of approval!

Give this wonderful, easy-to-administer product a try. It is a good choice for pets that have allergies to the shellfish found in glucosamine.

Effective Treatment For Collapsed Trachea In Dogs

Ultra-Flex Collagen has been one of Ask Ariel’s most effective tracheal collapse supplements. Collapsed trachea is characterized by dogs hacking, coughing (often sounds like "honking") and gasping for air. This natural tracheal collapse supplement will help strengthen the cartilage, reducing symptoms over time. It works best when used in conjunction with Amazing Omegas, Purrfect Pet CoQ10, Power Probiotic and LypoZyme. Collapsed trachea is aggravated by poor digestion and inflammation. Our collapsed trachea treatment includes important diet changes along with digestive supplements (LypoZyme and Power Probiotic), since food allergies and poor digestion increase inflammation and irritate the esophagus, which can make coughing and hacking worse.

Please click here for more information specifically about Collapsed Trachea Treatment.

Supports a Healthy Intestinal Lining

Many illnesses can be traced back to inflammation and irritations within the digestive tract that can lead to health conditions such as IBD, acid reflux, colitis and even autoimmune disease. Improving digestion to reduce inflammation and increase the proper absorption of nutrients is the key to good health. Ultra-Flex Collagen supports a healthy GI tract with amino acids that strengthen the connective tissue in your pet's intestinal lining. Use it with Power Probiotic to improve digestion, absorption, immunity and your pet's overall well-being.

Made From Food: An All-Natural Way To Help Your Pet's Joints, Ligaments and Connective Tissue

Ingredients (1 capsule):

NEM® brand eggshell membrane 500 mg
Lipase (250 FIP) 25 mg
Protease Blend (Protease and Peptidase)(68,750 HUT) 175mg
Other ingredients: Beet Root Fiber, Cellulose and Water

NEM® brand eggshell membrane is a food source of glucosamine and chondroitin, and it contains key bioactive proteins such as collagen, which have been shown to support joint comfort and flexibility.

Protease Blend - These enzymes help reduce inflammation and support muscular health while increasing the bioavailability of amino acids.

Lipase - The lipase enzymes help break down and utilize the fats in the eggshell membrane for improved tissue absorption.

Made in the USA

Important: Contains eggshells
Not recommended for pets with an egg allergy.

NOTE ABOUT DOSAGE: For small pets, the Ultra-Flex Collagen capsules will need to be opened and divided for administration. If you have difficulty opening capsules, please keep this in mind before ordering.