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Dog Brain Booster
Dog Brain Booster


Dog Seizures And Dog Dementia Treatment

Recommended by Veterinarians Because It Works! Successfully used in veterinary hospitals since 2005. All-Natural Dog Brain Booster can help reduce and prevent dog seizures, help dogs with dementia, brain tumors and other brain disorders.

60 capsules-- EXCELLENT VALUE!! 1 bottle lasts between 2 to 4 months depending upon your pet's weight and health conditions.

SAFE for Small and Big Dogs

Did you know that dog seizures can be triggered by:

  • Low blood sugar
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • FOOD allergies
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Stress
  • Low thyroid

If your pet suffers from a brain or neurological disorder, it can be very discouraging. We have extensive experience helping dogs with seizures and dementia. Please feel free to contact us at support@askariel.com. You will receive a prompt, compassionate response.

For best results, use Dog Brain Booster along with Psystabil if your dog is pacing or has anxiety.


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Dog Brain Supplement |Dementia |Brain Tumors

60 capsules-- EXCELLENT VALUE!! 1 bottle lasts between 2 to 4 months depending upon your pet's weight and health conditions. Clinically Proven Ingredients-Safe for Small Pets

Especially Indicated for the Following Pets and Conditions

*Dog Dementia, Doggie Alzheimer's or Unusual Behaviors Associated with Old Age
*Dogs with brain tumors or brain cancer
*Dogs that have had strokes or diagnosed with vestibular disease
*Dogs with neurological problems affecting the Central Nervous System
Senior Dogs that are slowing down or having motor coordination issues
*Canine Degenerative Myelopathy

Dog Brain Booster is FOOD for your dog's brain! If your dog has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, brain cancer, doggie dementia and/or neurological issues such as degenerative myelopathy, focal seizures or is having idiopathic epileptic seizures, now there is hope!. Dog Brain Booster is an excellent product to give dogs that have dementia, brain tumors or any type of motor-neurological coordination issues. We have not had any reported negative side effects from the Dog Brain Booster and have used it with pets as small as 5 lbs. Safe and effective for minimizing the frequency of focal seizures in dogs and abnormal brain activity episodes. Supports overall dog brain function, motor coordination and reduces behavioral problems associated with doggie dementia. Successfully used in veterinary hospitals since 2005.. Dogs with brain tumors have tolerated the product well and have seen improvements in motor coordination. For best results, use Dog Brain Booster with Purrfect Pet CoQ10 and Amazing Omegas. If your pet has dementia and is pacing please use with Psystabil.

Your Dog's Brain Needs Food Too!

Just as you would nourish your dog's joints, heart and coat, your dog's brain needs food and nutrients too. Dog Brain Booster is a combination of the two most powerful and beneficial brain nutrients, Phosphatidyl Serine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. These two nutrients have been extensively researched for their ability to enhance memory, relieve depression, improve mental acuity, promote recovery from stroke and nerve injury, and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It provides important nutrients for the brain and the ingredients have been third party tested for potency. This is one of the most important supplements you can give your pet with any type of brain condition--Doggie Dementia (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction), Brain Tumor, Neurological Problems and Seizures.

One capsule of Dog Brain Booster contains:

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL 250 mg; GlyceroPhosphoCholine (GPC) 100 mg; Citicoline (as Cognizin) 125 mg, Coffee Fruit Concentrate (as NeuroFactor) (Coffea arabica whole fruit) 50 mg, Phosphatidylserine 50 mg; Ginkgo 50 mg [Ginkgo biloba (leaves) (standardized to contain 24% gingoflavonglycosides and 6% terpene lactones)

Other Ingredients: Cellulose (capsule), silicon dioxide, dicalcium phosphate, vegetable stearate, NO Gluten

Product can be mixed into food or given as a capsule. Dosage directions vary by weight and are included on the packing slip that comes with your order.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (Dementia)
Dementia is a heartbreaking pet health condition where very little is offered from conventional veterinary medicine. Symptoms of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction progress. Dogs may display any of the following symptoms: confusion, anxiety, pacing, Sundowner syndrome (anxious at night, sleeping during the day), barking for no reason, circling, standing in corners, urinating and defecating in the house. The dog may seem to lose his or her normal personality and be far less engaging. While this may be very hard for a pet owner to accept, it is not a lost cause. At Ask Ariel, feel your sadness and heartbreak as we experienced this same situation ourselves. But, we were able to use supplements and techniques to help our own dog Whitey . Dogs diagnosed with Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) can benefit from Dog Brain Booster. Symptoms of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in dogs is similar to Alzheimer's in people. Symptoms may include disorientation, change in activity and sleep patterns, urinating and defecating in the house and other changes in behavior. Psystabil is very helpful to use at night to help calm dogs down as it is a homeopathic natural remedy that promotes relaxation and sleep.

Whitey, an elderly rescue dog we adopted suffered from advanced dementia. Using the Dog Brain Booster, Amazing Omegas, Purrfect Pet CoQ10, Oxicell SE, Arthrosoothe and the Liver/Gallbladder Support Formula, we were able to keep Whitey with us for 1 1/2 years. He developed severe Sundowner Syndrome and we used Psystabil to calm him at night. He would pace, stand in corners, stumble frequently and had all of the awful symptoms of dementia and brain dysfunction. But, he also had an incredibly strong will to live. Whitey had been abused and neglected for most of his life so when he came to live with us, we offered him the peace and comfort he never had. We thought about putting him down many times, but he would get back up and want to keep going. We made it work using love, compassion and holistic care. Whitey had many accidents in the house but we developed ways to work with all of his issues and loved him to the fullest until the very end. If your dog suffers from dementia, please email us at support@askariel.com and you will receive a compassionate and prompt response. We cannot provide veterinary advice but can offer more specific suggestions about how other pet owners have helped their pets with canine dementia. To learn more about dementia, please read this article.

Many pet owners have seen marked improvement in their pet's symptoms--not just Whitey. Please see Sophie and Carson's testimonials especially.

There are many factors that contribute to a dog getting seizures. The dog may have reduced thyroid function, elevated liver enzymes, a tumor or have "idiopathic reasons". We can help. We understand how traumatic seizures are for you and your dog. But, since introducing this supplement in veterinary hospitals in 2005, we have seen many pet owners be able to manage their pet's occassional seizures without medication using supplements (Dog Brain Booster, Neuroflam, Amazing Omegas and Purrfect Pet Co Q10) along with diet and lifestyle changes. Dogs with seizures need to be checked for borderline thyroid function as that is often a contributing factor. Food allergies can be a trigger with seizures. Many pets have food allergies but not all get seizures---there is an inclination in the dog's body to have the seizures. However to really help control the seizures, it is essential to improve the dog's diet AND use the Dog Brain Booster in conjunction. Using products such as Amazing Omegas will enhance the overall effect. Please include your dog's diet and health concerns on the order form at checkout. Our nutritionist will include a diet suggestion for your dog on the packing slip that comes with your order.


"At about 2 years old, our sweet rescue dog Legend suddenly had a grand mal seizure. It starts with the dog's body tightening into a ball, jaw clenched looking as if he is dying. This follows with limb paddling, rocking motions, loss of all control, vomiting and then frothing at the mouth. Anyone who has ever witnessed a grand mal seizure can attest it is not something you would ever want to see your pet suffer through again. After the seizure, the dog is in a neurological state where he doesn't recognize you and then can suffer from severe anxiety. After watching my mother suffer with Multiple Sclerosis all of her life, I decided there was something we had to do to help Legend. He was a rescue dog who had a traumatic beginning and a miracle survival story (thus....he is a "legend"). We put Legend on a strict hypoallergenic diet and used some other supplements for neurological support. Still, the seizures continued, not nearly as frequent, but more than we wanted for him to endure. We learned about Dog Brain Booster and finally that was what really seemed to help control the frequency and aftermath of the seizures. He went from having seizures every 2 weeks to a few times a year (at most). We do not use any harsh prescription medications as the seizures are already a sign the body is imbalanced and we wanted to find a natural way to help him. Legend is doing very well and we are so grateful to have found the Dog Brain Booster to be such an effective product for dog seizures." Susan Davis, Orange County, CA

For Best Results Use Dog Brain Booster with Neuroflam, Amazing Omegas, and Oxicell.

FACT: Dog Seizures Are Related To Thyroid Health and Food Allergies

The brain is affected by hormone activities and "triggers" that can set off an autoimmune attack. Many dogs and cats suffer from autoimmune thyroid disease which is when the pet's own immune system attacks the thyroid gland. For dogs, this can cause a weakened thyroid function, leading to seizures. Unfortunately, most pet owners may not be aware of the connection and feel so frightened of the actual seizures themselves (seizures are awful to witness!) that they treat their dog with harsh medications to stop the seizures, without treating the underlying root cause. Many dogs with seizures also suffer from food and environmental allergies. Stress or change in habits can weaken the immune system, along with exposure to allergens to trigger the seizure. If your dog has seizures, using medications is only addressing the SYMPTOM but to truly help your dog get well, it's imperative to help your dog feel better using a hypoallergenic diet along with supplements such as Dog Brain Booster and Amazing Omegas.

Symptoms of a Brain Tumor in Dogs

If your dog has begun to have seizures, one cause could be a brain tumor. Though it is uncommon to see a brain tumor in dogs, it is possible. If you think your dog may have developed a brain tumor, look for the symptoms below and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Symptoms include:

  • Behavioral changes
  • Depression
  • Pacing or circling
  • Decreased vision on one side
  • Seizures
  • Head tilt
  • Leaning or falling over
  • Loss of balance
  • Head tremors

It’s a scary thought to think that your furry friend might have a tumor in the brain. But if they are in fact diagnosed with a brain tumor it’s important to ensure that pets are on a healthy diet and getting the care they need.

Put an End to Canine Epilepsy and Dog Seizures

You can help your dog with natural holistic care instead of drugs. Our All Natural Brain Booster has been found to be safe and effective at treating abnormal episodes caused by illness connected with the brain. This product could be exactly what you’ve been looking for if your dog has been diagnosed with any of the following:

  • Brain tumor
  • Brain cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Doggie dementia
  • Vestibular disease
  • Neurological issues such as degenerative myelopathy
  • Idiopathic epileptic seizures

The Brain Booster is approved and recommended by holistic veterinarians that have treated many dogs suffering from these impairments. The product is formulated to support overall dog brain function, reduce behavioral problems from dementia and improve motor coordination.