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PSY-stabil Calming Supplement

PSY-stabil Calming Supplement


PSY-stabil Calming Supplement Helps Cats And Dogs With:

  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Pacing Due To Dementia
  • Difficulty Going To Sleep
  • Jumpiness
  • Stress
  • Fear

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PSY-stabil Calming Aid For Dogs And Cats

50 ml bottle

PSY-stabil drops are a natural cat and dog anxiety treatment. PSY-stabil is a gentle homeopathic remedy that has a soothing, harmonizing effect on pets. It works over time to help your stressed pet "cope" better with triggers that cause anxiety. It is a calming aid for dogs and cats that provides support for anxiety, nervousness, restlessness (as with pets that have dementia) and fearfulness. The ingredients work synergistically blending together to promote a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Some pets have experienced trauma early in life (especially rescued cats and dogs) or are just nervous. Pets may appear to be jumpy, over-reactive, have separation anxiety or fearful. Just a few drops of PSY-stabil seem to help them cope better with their emotional issues. PSY-stabil doesn't work immediately like a drug but over time has a rebalancing effect. Some pets can suffer from health issues due to stress and PSY-stabil has been very helpful for them. For example, cats that are stressed and get frequent urinary infections (many times these are stress induced) benefit greatly. Please remember, this doesn't work like a drug that instantly calms your pet down. Over time though, it provides a gentle, harmonizing effect which will bring out the best features in your pet.

Some cats are very sensitive to noise, strangers and other pets. Over time, PSY-stabil seems to help calm them down and adjust better to their surroundings, feeling more peaceful. Pets with thunder fear or other phobias can over time, adjust better to their surroundings. For some pets, this calming home remedy may have a drowsiness effect, but more commonly, it is just a calming without the sedating effects of a harsh medication. Many clients use the product daily for nervous pets.

Canine Dementia Dogs with dementia often pace at night and sleep during the day. Psystabil is a gentle dog anxiety treatment that acts as a calming aid, enabling dogs to settle down and sleep. When combined with Dog Brain Booster, the two supplements can help dramatically with Sundowner's syndrome where dogs are restless and anxious at night and sleep during the day.

PSY-stabil is a homeopathic, spagyric remedy. What is a spagyric remedy? It is a unique class of supplement where herbs are blended through a meticulous process that potentiates the energetic signature of the botanical plant. This results in carefully prepared drops that help to eliminate accumulated toxins and restore balance.

Important Regarding Pets With Heart Disease or Pets on Pain Medications: We have your pet's best interest in mind. PSY-stabil contains blended herbs in an alcohol base that can have a calming or sedating effect. This may be contraindicated for pets with heart disease or pets on certain pain medications. If your pet has a heart condition or is taking pain medications, please consult with your veterinarian before ordering.

Acidum phosphoricum 3X nervous exhaustion
Agaricus muscarius 6X weak memory, dizziness
Anacadium occidentale 10X lack of concentration, exhaustion
Avena sativa 1X worry, mood swings, vegetative dystonia
Cinchona officinalis 3X nervous hypersensitivity and weakness
Ignatia 4X fear, psychosis, worry
Sabadilla 4X anxiety
Piper methysticum 1X relaxes, improves the mood

Acidum phosphoricum treats nervous exhaustion and mental and emotional strain that cause symptoms such as apathy, worry, mental escape and sleepiness during the day with sleeplessness at night.

Agaricus muscarius combats nervous distraction. Using a 6X potency in this remedy achieves proper regulation of the nervous system, thereby addressing mental confusion, dizziness, stress headaches and twitching of the face muscles. It also helps patients handle fears.

Anacadium occidentale treats the inability to perform mental work combined with irritation, lack of concentration, fear of the future and failure, exhaustion and memory weakness.

Avena sativa is excellent for treating people who feel that too much is being demanded of them. It helps relieve vegetative dystonia, nervous heartbeat, excessive worrying and emotional mood swings. In addition, this substance contributes a number of valuable amino acids, phosphates and vitamins to this complex.

Cinchona officinalis works systemically to treat nervous hypersensitivity and weakness, helps regulate a nervous thyroid gland and normalizes intestinal tract function.

Ignatia improves the mood and treats the effects of worry, fear and psychosis. In addition, it combats chronic melancholy, and helps the user deal with personal slights and insults that could not previously be forgiven or forgotten. It also helps relieve migraines, disruptions of the digestive tract (inflammation or colic), a tight or blocked feeling in the throat that indicates hyper-excitement

Sabadilla treats anxiety, influences the central nervous system, and relieves fear and nervousness that often result from cardiac arrhythmia, functional disruption of the stomach or Globus hystericus.

Piper methysticum brightens the mood, and calms and relaxes as if the patient had taken a tranquilizer. It treats psychological disturbances and mental exhaustion to provide a peaceful feeling free from fear.

The ingredients in PSY-stabil are prepared by spagyric processes, meaning that the herbs are gently processed and fermented into a "wine". Thus the product contains 21% alcohol by volume. PSY-stabil has been used safely with pets since 2005.