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Power Probiotic for Dogs & Cats

Best Probiotic for Dogs & Cats

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  • Pure, Natural, Safe
  • Provides Powerful Immune Support
  • Freshens Breath and Improves Digestion
  • Contains Prebiotics For Dogs And Cats
  • Controls Allergies and Tear Stains

LIMIT: 2 Per Bottles Per Customer Order
Due to supply chain issues beyond our control and to ensure that as many pets as possible benefit from this essential product, we must temporarily limit purchases to two (2) bottles per customer.

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Power Probiotic for Dogs & Cats

60 capsules - Excellent value! One bottle lasts between 1-4 months depending on the size of your pet.

About Refrigeration: Power Probiotic is shipped without refrigeration because it has been third-party tested under high heat for 10+ days and certified 99% effective. Refrigeration upon receipt will ensure the hardy bacteria strains reach their maximum potential.

NEW! Same Formula Now In A More Concentrated Capsule. Pure, natural, safe. Power Probiotic is all-natural and made without preservatives or coloring agents. Thus, the texture and color of the powder may vary from batch to batch.

Power Probiotic is helpful for:

  • Bad breath
  • Diarrhea
  • Tear Stains
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)(see IBD Kit)
  • Acid Stomach Due to Kidney Disease
  • Allergies (see AllerEaze)
  • Pets That Have Been on Antibiotics or Steroids
  • Chronic Urinary Tract Infections
  • Yeast
  • Stomach Upset
  • Poor Digestion or Malabsorption
  • Immune Support
  • Stomatitis
  • Pets Eating a Raw Food Diet
  • Diabetic Pets

What is Power Probiotic for Pets And How Can Natural Probiotics Benefit My Pet?

Probiotics are essential for your pet's good health. The word Probiotic means "for life". Probiotics provide many benefits for all pets, young and old. Probiotics are live microorganisms that live in different parts of your dog or cat’s body such as the intestines, mouth, skin and sinus cavity. Good bacteria are not only essential for your cat or dog’s digestive system but for their overall immune health. Probiotics benefit cats and dogs by making it harder for harmful bacteria, viruses and yeast to grow. Most pet owners don’t realize that the majority of their pet’s immune system resides in the gut. That is why using the best probiotics for cats and dogs is so important.

Why Do Our Customers Say That Power Probiotic Is The Best Probiotic For Dogs And Cats?

All natural probiotics for dogs and cats are not alike. The difference is in the manufacturing process. Most probiotics for dogs and cats are not guaranteed to survive your pet’s stomach acid. A good, multi-strain probiotic will contain many strains of "beneficial" bacteria which are live, viable organisms. These friendly organisms help your pet's immune system to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites.

With Power Probiotic, you’ve found one of the best probiotics for dogs and cats! Pure, natural, safe---a product you can trust. Try Power Probiotic for dogs and cats and you will know you have found an effective product. Power Probiotic is guaranteed potency, easy to use and pets love it. Easy to administer--even for picky pets. Just open capsules and sprinkle on food! Guaranteed potency and purity.

This is not the type of cat or dog probiotics you could find in the health food or pet store---Power Probiotic is very carefully manufactured, guaranteed to survive your pet's stomach acid so that it can help your pet best. Feline and canine probiotics are very beneficial for chronic infections, diarrhea, gas, IBD, allergies, skin problems, yeast, bad dog breath and more. If your pet has taken antibiotics or steroids in the past, natural dog and cat probiotics are critical for restoring the good bacteria and balance of flora.

  • Provides Immune Support, Improves Digestion and Helps Prevent Infection
Power Probiotic for Pets is a formulation of a carefully mixed selection of microorganisms helpful for the GI tract. The organisms in this product will help stabilize and maintain a healthy intestinal probiotic ecosystem. This cat and dog probiotics blend is formulated to enhance the digestive process and impart systemic benefits. Probiotics are essential for your pet's good health because they support digestion, help fight infection and enhance overall immunity.

Pets that have taken antibiotics, steroids or drink chlorinated water from the pool may have a depletion of these important beneficial bacteria. Thus, it is critical to supplement your dog or cat with pet probiotics, particularly when there are symptoms of digestive disturbances, yeast overgrowth or urinary tract infections.

  • Pure, Safe & Natural
Not all cat and canine probiotics supplements are alike. In fact, many can lose their potency before you ever open the bottle. Some pet probiotics are easily killed by heat, air and moisture. Refrigerate Power Probiotic upon receipt, but know that this high-quality probiotic for cats and dogs has been tested extensively and has shown to be 95% effective EVEN after exposure to 100 degree heat for over 2 weeks. We have tried many pet and human probiotics on the market and have found this blend to be highly effective and an excellent value for the quality.

  • Vital If Feeding A Raw Diet
Please note that it is very important to use the Power Probiotic if you are feeding your pet a raw food diet. Our natural probiotic for dogs and cats helps to balance out the intestinal flora and promotes optimal health and immune function. A good probiotic for dogs and cats can be safely used for very young pets and should be considered a part of a pet's "diet" rather than a supplement, especially if using a raw food diet.

  • Convenient Pet Probiotic Supplement
Power Probiotic is a convenient pet probiotic supplement because most pets love the taste and it has worry-free storage requirements. Power Probiotic can be in and out of refrigeration without decreasing effectiveness and is easy to take on trips. Works well in pill packs left for pet sitters.

Did you accidentally leave your Power Probiotic out of the fridge? No worries. Refrigeration restores Power Probiotic to its full potential.

    What Are Prebiotics For Dogs And Cats?

    One of the best ways to keep your dog or cat healthy is by using probiotics to support digestive and immune health. Many of us have been giving our pets probiotics, but what are prebiotics? Prebiotics are a type of fiber. These are non-digestible food ingredients that help to feed the "good" probiotic bacteria to ensure they can survive a pet's acidic digestive system.

    Power Probiotic contains Jerusalem artichoke as a source of the prebiotic inulin. Scientific research has shown that inulin, a water-soluble dietary fiber, has a beneficial effect on immunity, blood metabolites, intestinal and digestive health.* Inulin helps to fertilize the good bacteria in the microbiome. Some pet-safe foods are naturally high in prebiotic inulin. These include sweet potatoes, flaxseed and asparagus.

    Our Power Probiotic, rigorously tested by third-party GMP certification, is fortified with prebiotics, guaranteeing survival through the GI tract. This ensures superior effectiveness in providing comprehensive digestive support for your cat or dog.
    *Reference: Research study: Prebiotic potential of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.).J Sci Food Agric. 2015 Jun;95(8):1689-96.

    Combine Power Probiotic for Pets With Our Other Supplements For Best Results

    Tear Stains & Dog Allergies: Many dogs that have tear stains have allergies and yeast. Power Probiotic helps rebalance the intestinal flora. If your dog is licking at the genitals, gets ear infections or has been on antibiotics, then for best results, use the the Power Probiotic along with K9 Yeast Defense and/or AllerEaze. Many veterinarians recommend probiotics for allergies in dogs as a natural way to support their immune system and digestive health.

    Kidney Disease: Probiotics for dogs and cats with kidney disease can help improve your pet's appetite by easing the pain of stomach acid. Many cat owners use the Power Probiotic mixed into food or water in a syringe in between meals to help stimulate the appetite. Power Probiotic is a multi-strain powerful probiotic which many clients use as an alternative to prescription kidney probiotics such as Azodyl. Power Probiotic contains ingredients similar to Azodyl (Bifidobacterium longum and Lactobacilus acidophilus). Research studies of these two probiotic strains reported positive effects in renal function and decreased blood urea nitrogen (BUN), urea and ammonia.


    "Toby is a Persian cat 15 years old. Last year he was diagnosed with Kidney disease along with a UTI. Toby was fed, what we thought was a healthy diet--Royal Canin dry food. Toby would not eat the food and was getting weaker every day, he couldn't defecate and he wasn't urinating. You could see and feel every bone in his body, his eyes were glazed over and his coat was dull. Toby would sit and stare at the wall--he had given up. We couldn't watch him slowly die so we took him off all the meds and food and started searching for help on the web. We found Ask Ariel!

    Ask Ariel gave us all the information we needed to save Toby's life. Toby now eats a healthy diet and takes a few supplements such as Kidney Health and Power Probiotic. The products all are easy to give and even a fussy cat will eat them. When Toby has an upset stomach, we can even syringe in the Power Probiotic and it really helps him.

    Toby is a changed cat. He is healthier than he has ever been in his entire life! He has gained weight, has a beautiful coat, bright eyes, plays like a kitten, purrs constantly and loves his food. We are only sorry that we didn't know about Ask Ariel before. They have given Toby a new lease on life and he loves it!" - Peden Family, New York

    What Does "mg" (Milligrams) and CFU (Colony Forming Units) Mean On A Probiotic Label?

    Colony forming units measures how much friendly bacteria is contained in the probiotic supplement. Milligrams are a measure of weight. When it comes to probiotics, look for the amount of CFUs to assess the benefit the probiotic supplement will have for your pet. Milligrams are not meaningful as a measurement when it comes to probiotic supplements because the number of bacteria (CFU) vary greatly and do not correlate with weight.

    Ask Ariel is continuing to make improvements to our pet probiotic and enzyme supplements using more advanced technology, blending with denser strains (more CFUs per milligram) resulting in more concentrated pet probiotic supplement. This gives your pet the same CFU activity (amount of bacteria) with less overall ingredients.

    Power Probiotic for Pets Ingredients:

    Power Probiotic is easy and convenient to use. Just open the capsule and sprinkle directly onto food.

    Serving Size: 1 Capsule


    TzymeTM Probiotic Blend (5.1 billion cfu) 84 mg*
    Lactobacillus acidophilus
    Lactobacillus plantarum
    Bacillus coagulans
    Bifidobacterium longum
    Lactobacillus salivarius
    Lactobacillus casei
    Inulin (from Jerusalem artichoke root extract) 18 mg*
    Lactoferrin (milk concentrate) 10 mg*
    * Daily Value not established

    Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (Hypromellose, Water, Gellan Gum), Microcrystalline Cellulose


    Power Probiotic for Pets is made using the highest quality probiotics and is manufactured under strict cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. These rigorous standards are applied throughout the production process, from the sourcing of the raw materials and the strict control of the production environment to the analytical tests essential to ensuring quality, safety and reliability. Power Probiotic for Pets is manufactured with a certificate of analysis guaranteeing potency and purity. Power Probiotic for Pets is all-natural.

    The value of the "friendly bacteria" normally found in the digestive tract, is well established.

    Lactobacillus acidophilus can enhance anti-infective mechanisms of defense. Helps the digestive tract to break down sugars and helps to prevent yeast overgrowth.

    Lactobacilus plantarum is used to improve microbial safety of foods. Inhibits the transfer of bacteria from the gut to other organs (e.g., liver, lymph nodes).

    Bacillus coagulans promotes gastrointestinal function and bowel regularity. Protects against side effect from antibiotic use, such as stomach upset and yeast overgrowth.

    Bifidobacterium longum are beneficial bacteria that promote the immunological barrier of the gut. Boosts the immune system and inhibits growth of harmful bacteria.

    Lactobacillus salivarius produces its own antibiotics that target invading pathogenic bacteria. Very resilient and highly prolific bacteria. Aids in the digestion of proteins.

    Lactobacillus casei is very helpful in regulating antibiotic related digestive issues like diarrhea. Complements the growth of L. acidophilus.

    Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin is a natural plant-derived fiber providing prebiotics for dogs and cats. Prebiotics provide the food that help the probiotics to grow--increasing good bacteria in the gut.

    Lactoferrin has been shown to be an effective antibacterial agent. It is even found in tears and serves as one component of the defense of the outer eye. Supplementation with lactoferrin has been found to inhibit bacterial transfer from the digestive tract to other organs and systems, probably due to its suppression of bacterial overgrowth. Note: The lactoferrin does not contain lactose or casein (the primary components that cause intolerance and allergy).

    Many cats LOVE the taste of Power Probiotic, making this the best probiotic for cats!

    Here is Steven enjoying his daily Power Probiotic treat!

Product FAQs
Power Probiotic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best probiotics for cats and dogs?

Power Probiotic is the best probiotics for pets! Backed by scientific research, these powerful, multi-strain probiotics promote the growth of good, friendly bacteria which boosts your pet's immune system and supports a healthy digestive tract. Pure, safe and natural. Power Probiotic is made in the USA and recommended by veterinarians nationwide. Many pets love the taste of Power Probiotic!

Can I give my cat or dog a probiotic?

Having the right balance of bacteria in your pet’s intestinal tract is important for good digestion, proper absorption and a healthy immune system. Factors such as antibiotics, steroid medications, parasites, food allergies and stress can cause an imbalance so replenishing with friendly bacteria is helpful. When choosing a probiotic, pet owners should look for a multi-strain product that does not contain fillers, is third-party tested for purity and made in the USA. Probiotics are an excellent and easy-to-use way to support your pet's digestive and immune system. Power Probiotic contains a blend of friendly bacteria normally found in the digestive tract and Jerusalem artichoke, a prebiotic that nourishes the good bacteria. It also contains lactoferrin, an effective antibacterial agent.

Are probiotics good for cats and dogs with diarrhea?

The friendly bacteria in Power Probiotic are guaranteed to survive your pet's stomach acid which will help support a healthy intestinal tract. Digestive symptoms such as diarrhea, gas and malabsorption are often due to an imbalance in your pet's microbiome (community of microorganisms in your pet's intestinal tract e.g. good and bad bacteria, fungi and viruses) and adding a replenishment of friendly bacteria in the form of probiotics can restore balance and improve digestive symptoms.

Can my dog or cat take probiotics when they are taking antibiotics?

It's essential to give your pet probiotics if your pet is taking antibiotics in order to maintain a healthy balance in your pet's microbiome. Antibiotics kill off friendly bacteria along with the bad bacteria, so it is important to replenish them. If your pet is taking antibiotics, probiotics can be given 2 hours after the medication. Probiotics help to avoid the unpleasant gatrointestinal side effects that come with many prescriptions and support your pet's immune system to help fight off infection.