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Renelix Dog and Cat Kidney Formula

Veterinary Recommended Kidney Detox Formula With Proven Results

Used in Veterinary Hospitals Since 2005

Excellent Value--One Bottle Lasts A Long Time

Helps Reduce Elevated Kidney Values (please see testimonials)

Need Help? Please email us at support@askariel.com. We have extensive experience helping pets with chronic renal failure and will respond promptly.

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Description Benefits Testimonials
Renelix 100 ml drops
Indicated For: Cat Kidney Disease, CRF, Dog Kidney Disease, Urinary Crystals, Urinary Incontinence
One bottle lasts a LONG time!

Renelix is an excellent product for cats and dogs with kidney disease, chronic renal failure, urinary crystals and urinary incontinence. Renelix flushes out toxins accumulated in the kidneys and overall body. Renelix increases your pet's overall sense of well-being which frequently improves their appetite. This is an excellent product to use for any cat or dog exposed to toxic substances. We have hundreds of testimonials--Renelix is a must-have for any dog or cat with kidney disease. Pets with urinary crystals that use this product along with our Power Probiotic and change the diet, retest without crystals. Renelix is appropriate for a variety of health conditions and is good for any senior pet. Renelix helps pets feel better ranging from CRF cats who stop vomiting after taking Renelix to senior dogs with back pain having increased mobility due to referred pain from the kidneys. Renelix is also an EXCELLENT product for any pet with liver or heart issues as it helps to clear out toxins from the body. Renelix is also very easy to use--you can either mix into "soupy food" or syringe into your pet's mouth. Overall, Renelix increases energy as the toxins are flushed from the body. Renelix kidney formula drops are indicated for kidney disease, urinary tract infections, incontinence and improving kidney and lymphatic drainage. This powerful formula will help detoxify your pet's kidneys. Also very helpful for pets with urinary incontinence! Large bottle---will last a LONG time---excellent value.

For Best Results: Recommended Protocol for Cats and Dogs With Kidney Disease: Renelix, Kidney Health Protein Support, Power Probiotic, Purrfect Pet CoQ10

Renelix is also very helpful for cats and dogs with bladder stones and urinary crystals. It is gentle enough to be used with tiny yorkies and small pets. We have countless testimonials from clients who use this product and follow our diet protocols (available by consultation) and then retest their pet's urine and the crystals are no longer present. Lymphatic drainage of toxins is dependent upon good kidney function. This homeopathic remedy helps the kidneys to excrete toxins deposited in the kidney cells and helps to restore normal kidney function. Renelix is very helpful for any type of detoxification protocol, as it helps to flush out toxins.

Renelix combined with Power Probiotic, Pet UTI Prevention and Notatum can help urinary incontinence. A lot of senior pets develop this and the products can make a significant difference. The reason is that sometimes urinary incontinence is often due to inflammation in the urinary tract and/or a slight overgrowth of bacteria that might not be detected in a laboratory test.

Since other organs such as the liver and pancreas must compensate for renal insufficiency -- leading to a chain reaction that can produce coronary weakness and hypertension -- aggressive treatment with Renelix drops is extremely helpful. Renelix is a soothing gentle remedy that would be especially helpful for older pets, especially those with renal insufficiency.

Feline Hyperthyroidism: Supplementing with Kidney Support Can Help Your Kitty Feel Better!



Feline hyperthyroidism can affect kidney function in cats. Cats with hyperthyroidism need kidney support supplements as the hyperthyroidism can mask the true functioning of the kidneys.

Dear Susan,

"We just wanted to share with you our wonderful success with Renelix. Our cat Delilah is hyperthyroid and late this summer she was diagnosed with slightly high kidney levels. We started her on the Renelix immediately, per your instructions. Subsequently, her blood tests revealed that all of her kidney values had dropped to within normal range. It was miraculous! And we are so grateful to you for all your help! Any of your clients who are on the fence about this product should purchase it without hesitation. It really works and we don't have to worry about giving our pet a lot of prescription meds that may have harmful side effects. Thank you again, you are awesome! Delilah sends lots of purrs and kisses!" Sucec Family, PA 2013

Renelix Ingredients:

Benzoicum acidum 4X uric acid diathesis
Nitricum acidum 4X urinary tract infections
Apis mellifica 4X edema, joint infections
Berberis vulgaris 3X uric acid excretion
Colchicum autumnale 4X gout, kidney excretion
Thlaspi bursa-pastoris 1X metabolic insufficiency, kidney stones
Coccus cacti 1X stimulates and disinfects kidneys
Solidago virgaurea 1X renal function, sedimented urine

Selected ingredients prepared by spagyric processes which ferments the herbs and preserves their natural integrity. Alcohol is a natural result of the spagyric process. Contains 28% alcohol by volume. Please note that in using this product on thousands of cats and dogs and the small number of drops used per dosage, we have not had any reported problems related to the alcohol in this product.

Benzoicum acidum 4X resolves uric acid diathesis -- often accompanied by a strong rheumatic burden -- to eliminate conditions that weaken the heart.

Nitricum acidum 4X treats infections of the mucous membranes and urinary tract. It also regulates the functions of the urological pathways and eliminates symptoms that include frequent urination and foul-smelling urine accompanied by a burning sensation.

Apis mellifica 4X treats edema and infectious conditions of the joints. It also stimulates and detoxifies the tonsillar ring, connective tissues, intestines, serous membranes, bladder and kidneys to facilitate a systemic healing.

Berberis vulgaris 3X addresses pathogenic conditions of the liver and urological pathways. It supports the excretion of uric acid from the system and reduces liver and pancreas intoxication -- the basis of illnesses such as gout and diabetes.

Colchicum autumnale 4X is primarily indicated for the treatment of gout. This herb also fights endocarditis and pericarditis, regulates the gastrointestinal system to stop nausea, vomiting and overacidity and helps heal acute and subacute rheumatic conditions. In addition, eliminating these conditions helps detoxify the body and enables the kidneys to excrete poisons that have accumulated over the years.

Thlaspi bursa-pastoris 1X helps treat metabolic insufficiency reflected by the build-up of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder.

Coccus cacti 1X disinfects and stimulates the kidneys while providing anti-spastic properties. It also helps heal chronic latent infections that reduce kidney efficiency.

Solidago virgaurea 1X is a classic kidney remedy that effectively treats chronic nephritis and arthritis. It is indicated for treatment of painful urination and urine thick with stones, gravel, protein or blood.