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Akutur Urinary Tract Support Drops For Cats and Dogs
Akutur Urinary Tract Support Drops For Cats and Dogs

Combine with Notatum Anti-Infection Drops For Best Results
Calms An Inflamed Bladder Due to Chronic Urinary Tract Infections
Excellent For Pets With Bladder Cancer and Interstitial Cystitis

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Akutur Urinary Tract Support Drops For Cats and Dogs 50 ml

Akutur UTI Support Drops provide a fast, powerful therapy for acute and chronic urinary infections, including cystitis, urethritis, nephritis, interstitial cystitis. For cats, the drops are easy to administer but should be combined with Power Probiotic and Notatum drops for best results. Akutur is also helpful for pain in the urinary tract associated with an infection. Akutur focuses directly on the bladder and urinary tract and helps to restore balance in the area. When a pet has had repeated or chronic infections, inflammation in the bladder and urinary tract can enable the bacteria to hide within the bladder walls, making it easy for another infection to reoccur. Akutur is very helpful for this condition which may be diagnosed as interstitial cystitis.

If your cat or dog has crystals in the urine, use Renelix. Renelix helps to support the kidneys, flushing out crystals and metabolic waster in the urinary tract. If you need any help regarding what products would be best for your pet, please don't hesitate to email us at support@askariel.com

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Benzoicum acidum 4X kidney irritation, incontinence
Nitricum acidum 4X nephritis, pyelonephritis
Apis mellifica 3X edema, anti-inflammatory
Cantharis 4X burning pain during urination
Populus tremuloides 2X bladder inflammation, burning pain
Pulsatilla 4X renal-cystic irritation
Zingiber 3X flushes urethra, combats stabbing pain
Solidago virgaurea 1X stimulates renal function, diuretic

Benzoicum acidum 4X eliminates kidney irritation, incontinence and bladder/urinary tract infections, while also lowering uric acid levels.

Nitricum acidum 4X helps resolve mucous membrane infections accompanied by pronounced nervous system weakness. It also treats nephritis and pyelonephritis indicated by a burning sensation during urination and foul smelling urine that may contain blood.

Apis mellifica 3X is an anti-inflammatory that specifically stops infectious processes in the urinary tract and prevents albumin in the urine. It also can effectively treat rheumatic illnesses and swelling of the joints.

Cantharis 4X is an extremely effective herb for treating infections of all mucous membranes, including those of the urological tract. Indicated for treatment of nephritis, cystitis and accompanying symptoms, Cantharis is especially applicable when burning pains occur during urination or if urine flow is restricted.

Populus tremuloides 2X helps eliminate symptoms of bladder inflammation, including pus in the urine and painful urination.

Pulsatilla 4X treats catarrh of all mucous membranes, including the urogenital tract. It stimulates systemic excretion of toxins from infections by improving function of the liver, stomach, intestines and gallbladder.

Zingiber 3X flushes out the urethra -- essential for stopping infections -- and combats stabbing, burning pains. Urine excreted during this condition is usually cloudy and foul smelling. Failure to address a severe nephritis or cystitis can lead to renal insufficiency and eventually total kidney failure.

Solidago virgaurea 1X stimulates renal function and excels as a diuretic. By restoring the ability of the bladder and kidneys to regulate and excrete correctly, this substance frequently eliminates the need for catheter use. It is also strongly indicated to help heal acute gastritis and chronic skin diseases, and strengthens liver function.

Selected ingredients prepared by spagyric processes. A spagyric is an herbal supplement produced by alchemical procedures. These procedures involve fermentation, distillation, and extraction of mineral components from the ash of the plant.
The careful separation, extraction, and reunification process ensures that as much of the plant’s nutrition that can be drawn by modern technology is drawn into the liquid herbal extract. Contains 42% alcohol by volume. Made in Germany.