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  • Homeopathic Itch-Relief Remedy That Temporarily Stops Licking, Biting & Scratching In Dogs & Cats
  • Helps Pets With Environmental & Seasonal Allergy Symptoms
  • Natural Relief For Itchy Skin Due To Allergies

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ProAller Allergy Relief Drops For Cats and Dogs

50 ml

What Are ProAller Allergy Relief Drops?

ProAller is a natural homeopathic, spagyric remedy that helps to relieve allergy symptoms. Great for dogs and cats! Helps tremendously with environmental allergies. ProAller drops are gentle but highly effective. Developed to treat a wide variety of allergy symptoms in pets including hypersensitivity to house dust and pollen, irritation of the eyes and ears and skin. The herbs contained in ProAller provide an allergy “detox” to help excrete toxins that can trigger allergy symptoms.

One of a kind - really special product that helps to relieve allergy symptoms when nothing else works. We have had EXCELLENT success with this product to help relieve allergy symptoms in pets. ProAller is very helpful for any cat or dog with allergies, severe itching, and skin infections. Helps to calm the inflammatory response so that your pet can experience relief from these symptoms. We have many testimonials from both cat and dog owners who finally got a night of sleep when their pet stopped scratching, licking and chewing after using the ProAller.

Easy to use drops! ProAller is easy to administer - you can either mix into "soupy food" or syringe into your pet's mouth.

Symptoms of Allergies in Cats and Dogs

Symptoms of environmental allergies tend to be worse in the spring, but many pets with hypersensitivities can experience irritation from household allergens and foods year-round. By minimizing exposure to allergens, you can help reduce your pet’s reaction. Common symptoms of allergies in cats and dogs include:

  • Itching and scratching

  • Constant licking

  • Red, inflamed skin

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

  • Hair loss

  • Scabs or hot spots

How To Give Your Pet The Best Relief From Allergy Symptoms

Is your pet scratching, itching, tearing fur out, have bumps on the abdomen, red spots and/or have runny eyes? Although allergy symptoms vary from patient to patient, each represents the body's attempt to excrete excessive toxins via an alternative pathway because the primary organs (liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs) have reached the saturation point.

ProAller is a homeopathic, spagyric remedy. What is a spagyric remedy? It is a unique class of supplement where herbs are blended through a meticulous process that potentiates the energetic signature of the botanical plant. This results in carefully prepared drops that help to eliminate accumulated toxins and restore balance. ProAller detoxifies and promotes the excretion of toxins that contribute to allergy symptoms.

Since ProAller provides a detoxifying cleanse, it works best when used in conjunction with anti-microbial supplements such as NOT Drops (bacterial infections), QUENT Drops (viral infections), Silver Immune Support (anti-microbial) and K9 Yeast Defense (yeast infections). Choose the appropriate supplements to use along with ProAller depending upon the nature of your pet’s symptoms. Balancing your pet’s intestinal flora is also essential which is why we recommend using Power Probiotic for all pets with allergy symptoms and chronic skin or ear infections.

Combine ProAller With Our Other Supplements For Best Results

NOT Anti-Infection Drops - Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to help clear up the redness, swelling and bumps that many pets develop with allergies. Natural remedy for fighting infections and reducing doggie odor. Controls harmful bacteria and restores gut flora balance, improving digestive symptoms and immune function. Available in easy to administer drops.

QUENT Anti-Viral Drops - Natural homeopathic formula that fights viruses and infection, especially targeting the lung and upper respiratory system. Can help to calm respiratory symptoms such as coughing and wheezing. Available in easy to administer drops.

Silver Immune Support - A highly effective antimicrobial composed of pure silver complexed with purified water. Reduces inflammation and supports your pet's own immune system to reduce flare-ups. Easy administration. Gentle enough for kittens and puppies.

K9 Yeast Defense - A natural blend of antifungal herbal ingredients scientifically proven to act as a dog yeast infection home remedy. Most dogs with yeast also have allergies and skin problems. Helps to control chronic ear infections, licking at genitals, chewing on armpits and paws, doggie odor and itchy skin.

Power Probiotic - Probiotics are essential for your pet's health. Good bacteria are not only essential for your cat or dog’s digestive system but for their immune system as well. Most of your pet's immune system resides in their gut. Probiotics benefit cats and dogs by making it harder for harmful bacteria, viruses and yeast to grow. Most pets love the taste of Power Probiotic. Just open the capsule and sprinkle on food.


“Ask Ariel products have never done us wrong. Years ago, our Border Collie Reagan had allergies that caused him to have a large bald spot on his back. We had tried multiple products, including steroids, with no success. After one course of PROALLER, and dietary advice from Susan Davis, his reactions completely resolved and his fur grew back beautifully! Others who I advised to try PROALLER say they have had the same amazing results! Thank you, again, Susan! I will always consult you first with any pet issues we have!" - Suzanne, Florida

ProAller Ingredients

Dosage for pets varies by weight.

Ailanthus glandulosa 4X
Comocladia dentata 4X
Euphrasia 3X
Okoubaka aubrevillei 3X
Gratiola 1X
Juglans regia 1X
Sarsaparilla 1X
Taraxacum off. 1X

Selected ingredients prepared by spagyric processes which ferments the herbs and preserves their natural integrity. Alcohol is a natural result of the spagyric process. Please note that in using this product on thousands of cats and dogs and the small number of drops used per dosage, we have not had any reported problems related to the alcohol in this product.

May cause drowsiness.
Contains 28% alcohol by volume.
Made in Germany.

This product is FDA-Listed and supported by Clinical Application Studies.

Ailanthus glandulosa 4X - Supports healthy skin and alleviates symptoms of allergic skin disorders.

Comocladia dentata 4X - Helps relieve symptoms of conjunctivitis and skin itching, burning, swelling and blisters.

Euphrasia 3X - Relieves dryness and itching sensations relating to eye inflammation. Reduces eye discharge and increases tear production.

Okoubaka aubrevillei 3X - The bark of a West African tree with antimicrobial and immune stimulating properties. Used for skin disorders.

Gratiola 1X - Helps to flush out toxins. Relieves eye irritation and skin conditions.

Juglans regia 1X - Natural anti-inflammatory used to treat skin ailments and purify the blood.

Sarsaparilla 1X - Relieves chronic skin eruptions and severe itching. It is also stimulates excretion via the intestines, kidneys, and skin (sweating), which helps to "clean" the blood and excrete toxins.

Taraxacum off. 1X - Provides relief for skin diseases (especially red rashes and boils). Stimulates the gastrointestinal tract to cleanse tissues where the body has been forced to store toxins it could not excrete.