Tips To Get Your Pet In Shape

                            Weight-Loss Tips To Get Your Pet in Shape             

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1) Not Enough Protein? When a pet is constantly begging, it could be that they are not getting enough protein.  Think about it---when you eat too many carbohydrates--what happens?---you crave more carbs.  While dogs are natural scavengers, some pets seem to be ravenous.  Check the ingredients on your pet's food label.  There may be too many carbohydrates in the form of grains, potatoes or peas.  If your pet does not have a medical need for a reduced protein diet, switch to a high protein, grain-free diet using raw or canned.  You will need to REDUCE the amount of food you were giving previously as pet foods with fillers often recommend much larger quantities.

2) Plan To Exercise Take a look at your schedule and plan out a convenient time for you and your pet to exercise together.  Taking a walk, playing with a feather or laser toy or throwing a ball will all help---even 15 minutes is time well spent!

   Measure Foods Carefully— “Guesstimating” how much is in a cup can lead to obesity.  Many scoops are actually two cups not one.

4) Avoid High Fat Treats--A tablespoon of peanut butter can be nearly as many calories as a 1/4 13 oz can or 1/4 cup of pet food---it is highly caloric.  If you use peanut butter to administer pills, try putting them in a small amount of canned food or pumpkin.

5) Feed 2 -3 Smaller Meals-Small meals regulate your pet's blood sugar and improve digestion.  Best not to FREE feed even in multi-cat households as usually some pets end up overeating while others undereat.

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