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Chicken Allergies in Dogs and Cats
Pet Food Allergies 

By Susan Blake Davis, Pet Nutritionist

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Is your pet itching and scratching? Is your cat vomiting regularly? Has your pet been diagnosed with IBD?

You may want to take a closer look at what you are feeding your pet.  Chicken is one of the most common ingredients in pet food.  However, chicken allergies in dogs and cats is a big problem.  Even if your pet is not allergic to chicken per se, your cat or dog could be intolerant of it.  Chicken is a common food allergy for allergic pets in the same way that dairy can be for many allergic people.  It can cause a great deal of inflammation, which in turn weakens the immune system. 

Chicken isn't the only food allergy that a dog or cat can have.  Click here to learn more about common foods to avoid if your pet is allergic.

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What's a pet owner to do? Most pets love chicken.......Sure, you want to spoil your pet, but try taking a ride on the wild side and look into some exotic flavors such as rabbit or venison.  There are lots of tasty freeze dried, raw and canned options.  Please limit or avoid dry food as it is much harder to digest and can contribute to yeast overgrowth and digestive problems.  Dry food is not recommended for cats since they need a high moisture diet to prevent urinary tract problems.

Some Helpful Supplements For Pets with Allergies

  • Amazing Omegas potent formula for lustrous skin and coat, reduces inflammation, purified Omega 3 formula
  • Proaller homeopathic remedy that reduces itching, red, itchy eyes and all allergy symptoms

  • Notatum all purpose anti-infection formula, great for cats and dogs, controls odors, helps prevent reinfection
  • AllerEaze  natural bioflavanoids including quercetin that acts like "Natures Benadryl"
  • Power Probiotic Controlling allergies starts with good digestion.  Poor digestion leads to leaky gut syndrome.  The skin is an elimination organ and so using Power Probiotic is your pet's first defense toward building a strong immune system.

  • K9 Yeast Defense If your dog has taken rounds of antibiotics or steroids for allergies, is getting ear infections or is licking at the genital area frequently, chances are your dog may have yeast overgrowth.  K9 Yeast Defense is very helpful for allergy symptoms and is a natural antifungal but works best when combined with Notatum.