Three Easy Steps To Stop Your Dog's Endless Licking and Chewing on the Groin

Step One: We understand how frustrating it is to watch your dog chew and lick with no end in sight!
We have answers and can help you get results. Many pet owners are embarrassed to ask their vets about their dog licking at their genitals and groin area. It is quite common to see a male dog lick his penis and a female dog lick at the vulva. The problem is when it becomes excessive. How to know if it is excessive? Dogs will naturally groom themselves a few times a day but when you see them chewing, licking and really paying attention to it--most likely there is a problem. Take your dog to the veterinarian. Make sure your dog does not have a urinary tract infection and ask about allergies or other types of infections. The two most common reasons a dog licks and chews is either due to a urinary tract infection or yeast overgrowth.

Step Two: Use supplements proven to help stop the licking and chewing. The following three supplements are veterinary-approved formulas proven to control allergy symptoms, yeast infections and the itching, licking and discomfort associated with them:

AllerEaze--Dog licking genitals excessively and chewing on the groin is often a symptom of allergies. Allergies in dogs or cats can be caused by inhaled allergens (e.g. pollen), food (e.g. dairy, eggs, etc.) and/or external allergens (e.g. exposure to chemicals in carpet, etc.). AllerEaze contains simple ingredients scientifically proven to reduce a "histamine" response. It is nature's "Benadryl".

K9 Yeast Defense +Power Probiotic.

Notatum acts as a natural antibiotic

There is a lot you can do the stop the genital licking right away. Need help for your dog? Email us at Many times pet owners feel helpless and we have heard horror stories of dogs chewing their private areas raw! While it is important to take your dog to the veterinarian to check for a urinary infection, many times the problem is due to yeast overgrowth from food allergies and prior antibiotic usage. To give your dog immediate relief, use the K9 Yeast Defense and Power Probiotic.

Need help for your dog? Email us at

K9 Yeast Defense and Power Probiotic.

Dog licking genitals excessively and chewing on the groin is often a form of allergic response. Allergies in dogs or cats can be caused by inhaled allergens (e.g. pollen), food (e.g. dairy, eggs, etc.) and/or external allergens (e.g. exposure to chemicals in carpet, etc.). Sometimes an air purifier and allergy desensitization shots can be helpful in reducing the response to environmental allergies. However, there is almost always a digestive allergy issue as well. One of the fastest ways to improve your pet’s health is to change your pet’s diet. Many dogs are allergic to certain meat proteins (beef and eggs are common) and common allergens such as corn, soy and wheat. Besides using the K9 Yeast and Power Probiotic it is essential to o put your pet on a healthy, hypoallergenic diet that is low in carbohydrates. many "hypoallergenic" diets contain peas, potatoes, rice and other high carbohydrate ingredients which can make dogs itchy. Use a high moisture, low carbohydrate diet combined with antifungal and/or allergy supplements and your dog should improve considerably.

Symptoms of Dog Licking Genitals and Chewing on Groin
The following signs can be symptoms of when a dog is licking and chewing on the groin excessively. Be sure to bring your dog to the your veterinarian if your pet is displaying these symptoms:
  • Dog immediately licks at the genitals after urination
  • Groin area is stained a rust color or black due to excessive licking (especially in females)
  • Genitals appear swolen, engorged
  • Dog is straining to urinate or getting up to urinate during the night
  • Dog is scooting on his butt; dragging his rear-end on carpet or floor
  • Pungent odor from the genital area
  • Red pustules on the abdomen or around groin area
  • Female dogs may have yellowish or clear vaginal discharge
Steps to Treat Dog Licking and Chewing on Groin
  • 1) Consult your veterinarian if your dog has any of the symptoms above as an untreated infection can have serious consequences. Constant licking at the genitals could be a urinary tract infection. Yeast and bacterial infections often occur together.
  • 2) Start your pet immediately on the Power Probiotic. Regardless of whether your dog has a urinary tract problem, yeast infection or is just uncomfortable in the area, using the Power Probiotic will provide immediate relief by repopulating your dog with friendly, bacteria to restore immune balance. We can't emphasize enough how an outward symptom as unusual as genital licking has everything to do what is going on with your pet's intestinal and immune health. Power Probiotic is the very first place to start.
  • 3) Your dog most likely will also benefit from the K9 Yeast Defense. Read about the product and determine if your dog has other symptoms such as ear infections, scratching at the ear or a "yeasty" or cheesy odor, then using both the K9 Yeast Defense and Power Probiotic would be the best approach. These supplements can be used along with any prescribed medications such as antibiotics. It is important to use a complete yeast package that combines the antifungal, probiotic and antibacterial effects to obtain the best results. Since yeast may result from allergic inflammation, using products such as Amazing Omegas and AllerEaze in conjunction with the K9 Yeast Defense package can provide long-term success.
  • 4. On the order form at checkout, please include what you are feeding your dog. Our nutritionist reviews every order and will include a FREE diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your order.