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FREE Diet Tips With Your Order

Discouraged because your pet has been diagnosed with a disease such as chronic renal failure, liver disease or heart disease? Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist includes free diet tips with your order based on Pet Nutritionist Susan Blake Davis' pet health consultations which she offered at several VCA hospitals in Orange County, CA for over 10 years. Our diet tips will give you valuable information that you have not heard before. We are committed to providing you with education and options so that you may do the very best for your pet. Our approach is state-of-the-art -- you will gain insight and understanding that could mean all the difference in the quality of your pet's life.

By the time most pet owners come to us, they will have tried many different diets or are not aware of the impact diet can have on their pet's well being. The bottom line is that each and every pet is different. Grain free? Prescription diet? Raw? It depends on your dog or cat and any medical conditions that they may have. Many owners might not realize that foods (even the highest quality, grain-free, premium diets) can cause allergies or digestive problems for certain pets. What might be good for one dog or cat may not be good for another. At Ask Ariel, we recognize that each pet has unique needs. We include custom diet tips tailored specifically for your pet with every order.

We look forward to helping your pet live a healthy life!