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K9 Arthritis & Joint Support Kit

K9 Arthritis & Joint Support Kit

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  • Promotes Joint Repair, Reduces Inflammation And Increases Mobility
  • Excellent For Young, Active Dogs As A Preventative
  • Veterinarian Recommended For Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia And Luxating Patella
  • Contains Three Supplements For Maximum Effectiveness

For cats needing joint support, please order Ultra-Flex Collagen Support

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Description Benefits Testimonials
Arthritis & Joint Support Kit - Natural Pain Relief
For Dogs

Kit contains 3 Supplements:
ArthroSoothe for Pets - 120 capsules
Amazing Omegas for Pets - 8 ounce bottle
Curcumin Complex for Pets - 60 capsules

What is the Arthritis & Joint Support Kit?

These natural pet supplements deliver amazing results! Our Arthritis & Joint Support Kit is backed by research and is recommended by veterinarians. It has been used successfully to help many pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and in active dogs to prevent joint problems.

Contains Three Supplements For Maximum Effectiveness

The Kit contains three separate supplements (can be purchased individually) to promote joint repair, reduce inflammation, and increase mobility.

Save $10 when you purchase the items as the Arthritis & Joint Support Kit. (Kit price is $10 less than the products sold separately.)

Amazing ArthroSoothe - 120 capsules. ArthroSoothe is the most comprehensive arthritis, hip and joint supplement available for dogs. With 15 ingredients scientifically proven to promote joint repair, increase mobility and reduce joint degeneration, ArthroSoothe is ideal for dogs of all ages. This veterinary-recommended joint health vitamin will put the spring back in your dog’s step! It’s a natural, holistic remedy for dogs who are limping, have joint stiffness or difficulty getting up/down stairs due to old age, arthritis or hip and joint dysplasia. ArthroSoothe is also essential for young, active dogs as a preventative.
If your dog is taking pain or anti-inflammatory medications, it's essential to use ArthroSoothe to help repair and rebuild joint tissue and cartilage. ArthroSoothe can be used along with these medications and can help reduce or eliminate the need for them.

Amazing Omegas for Pets - 8 ounce bottle. Even the packaging should tell you this is the best quality fish oil available for pets. Naturally processed to provide your pet with oil from fish in its natural state without the toxins normally found in most fish oil capsules and products. You will be amazed at the results you will see from our very own "Amazing Omegas" sold at veterinary hospitals and recommended by veterinarians. The quality and purity just can't be compared as Amazing Omegas are third-party tested to ensure the product is free of mercury and delivers the highest nutritional value. A little goes a long way because the fish oil is rich in omega fatty acids that are naturally bioavailable to your pet.

Curcumin Complex for Pets - 60 capsules. Curcumin Complex For Pets is a patented, unique composition of three bioactive, health-promoting curcuminoids. These are the strongest, most protective, and best-researched constituents of the herb turmeric. Curcumin has been helpful for pets to reduce inflammation, whether acute or chronic, caused by physical injury, joint wear and tear (as in osteoarthritis) and inflammatory conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia.

Recommended By Veterinarians. Give your pet fast PAIN RELIEF.