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Diabetic pets need a high fiber, low carbohydrate diet with fresh, nutritious food such as a raw frozen diet and plenty of green vegetables. Protein helps to regulate blood sugar so diabetic pets need lean, high quality protein fed at the same times each day. Properly digesting and utilizing protein is essential for pets with diabetes, which is why we highly recommend using the Kidney Health -- Protein Support For Pets to better manage their symptoms and overall health. Since the excess sugar in the blood in diabetic pets can create an optimal environment for yeast and other infections, it is important to use the Power Probiotic as well. Power Probiotic is crucial in that that help eliminate waste, improve digestion and support your pet's immune system.

Kidney disease is a common complication of diabetes, so it is essential to support your pet's health using Kidney Health Protein Support for Pets and Renelix. If your dog has any signs of allergies, genital licking, ear infections or doggie "odor", use the K9 Yeast Defense. For more information about how to help your pet with diabetes, please click here or feel free to email us at askariel1@gmail.com.

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