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“Last year our Ginger escaped & spent the night outside. We have no idea what she got into, but she became very sick. That Saturday, at the veterinary clinic, the doctor believed there was something wrong with his laboratory equipment. I even heard him in the back room calling the company that had recently calibrated the machine to complain. He sent her blood to an outside lab. I had Renelix on hand for my other kitty with kidney disease and started Ginger on it immediately. The following Monday our veterinarian phoned and stated that the outside lab had confirmed Ginger's severe acute renal failure. He stated "Normally when I notify somebody of results this poor, they no longer have a pet that is living". I explained that we had been through this before, and I attributed Ginger's survival to the products and advice I had received in the past from Susan Davis of Ask Ariel. Ginger was receiving IV hydration at home, as well as Renelix and the diet as advised by AskAriel. Ginger returned to her normal, healthy & spoiled self! Fortunately, she also slimmed down from her previous tubiness! I can't thank Susan Davis and Ask Ariel enough!!” Suzanne, Florida 2014

Kidney disease can appear to come on "suddenly". A pet may seem fine one day and then start losing weight, become listless and drinking a lot of water. Conventional treatments such as subcutaneous fluids for cats and dogs with kidney disease can help as well as using a kidney friendly diet. To learn more about how to help your pet's kidney disease & CRF using diet and supplements, Click here to learn more.

Supplements for cat and dog kidney disease can help the remaining kidney function to work better and make your pet feel more comfortable. These safe, natural remedies can help a pet to eat better (many kidney pets are not eating much) and improve their energy level. Please scroll down and click on the product photos below to learn more about how you can detoxify and strengthen your cat or dog's kidney function.

These time-tested formulas have been used successfully in veterinary hospitals since 2005 and are recommended by veterinarians nationwide.

Renelix -- First line of defense for kidney disease. Excellent kidney detoxification formula. Hard to administer but most effective.

Kidney Health Protein Support Formula
-- Sprinkle on food and most pets are ok with the taste. Breaks down protein and improves metabolism of protein taking the workload off the kidneys.

Gastro ULC and Power Probiotic
-- Coats the stomach and helps relieve the nausea and inappetance associated with kidney disease

Purrfect Pet CoQ10 and Amazing Omegas
-- Backed by scientific research proven to help support kidney and heart function, reducing inflammation

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CoQ10 for Cats Purrfect Pet CoQ10 50 mg
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K9 Digestive Enzymes K9 Digestive Enzymes
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OxiCell SE for Pets OxiCell SE for Pets
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