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Digestive Health Supplements

Cat & Dog Diarrhea Treatments, Vomiting, Acid Stomach, IBD & IBS

Cats and dogs can have digestive symptoms such as acid stomach, gas, vomiting, diarrhea and mucous in the stool. Generally, a change in diet and adding a few natural supplements will relieve your pet's symptoms and discomfort. Ask Ariel offers many different digestive products but basic support for all symptoms includes Power Probiotic and a digestive enzyme such as K9 Digestive Enzymes or Lypozyme. If your cat or dog has gas, be sure to order the Soothing Digestive Relief which stops gas pain and indigestion. For acid stomach, use Gastro ULC. If your pet has had worms, parasites or giardia, Colostrum will help repair the intestinal lining.

For cats with weight loss and digestive symptoms, use Soothing Digestive Relief, Power Probiotic, Notatum and Gastro ULC. These symptoms can often be a sign of undiagnosed intestinal lymphoma.

To treat IBD, the Inflammatory Bowel Disease kit includes 3 great products to improve bowel health in pets. If a pet has IBD, it's important to support the immune system using products such as Immune Harmony and Colostrum. The Powerful Probiotic has been a successful upset stomach, poor digestion, IBS, bad breath and diarrhea treatment for dogs and cats. The Soothing Digestive Relief helps increase absorption, diarrhea control, and reduces indigestion. Notatum or Quentans are special homeopathic combination formulas that are gentle and yet deliver amazing results in supporting your pet's immune system.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Dogs & Cats

If your cat or dog has had severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) symptoms, than please see our IBD Kit. For best results, we recommend scheduling a consultation so that you will have a custom holistic plan about what to feed, foods to avoid and natural supplements that are best for your pet's needs. There are several pet articles about digestive problems, acid stomach and IBD in pets so be sure to review these as well. If you need help, please email us at support@askariel.com and we will be glad to assist you in selecting the best supplements for feline or canine diarrhea treatment, constipation treatment, IBD treatment, or any other bowel health issue. .